20 May 2012

My current reads... And my new home find!

Hiya AGAIN!!!!
I told you I was on a roll, third post today huh!!

I took back my library books... With not to many late charges! I photocopied some of the projects for my to make folder which is now bursting I might add... I so can't wait to get my sewing room back up and running! I have found a new house so will be moving in the next 2 weeks!!! But that's for another post! Keep on track Traci!!

So on to the new books on loan...

I LOVE this look it's a mixed bag of sewing, knitting, baking, gardening and so much more, this is going on my wish list!


This book is filled with all the patterns required to make the 50 animals of all shapes and sizes.. I shall be photocopying a couple to try out.

There are a couple of projects in here I like, the instructions seem easy enough.

I'm not fussed on this book, I love a book with way more visual aids!

OOHHhhh I lurve this book.. This will be on the book shelve in no time! There is a knotting/crochet bag I have to make!!

Well that's my current books... I'm off to the photocopier to get that to do folder bursting a little more!!

What are your reads... Firm faves Do share in the comments I always like a good recommendations!


Flea Market Finds #2 2012

Hello there peeps, 

How is everyones day going?? 
I am on a blogging roll, I have a few posts that I want to write. But I have to share this one first, I have had a great week thrifting, I am always on the hunt for vintage sheets & pillow cases they are defo a firm fave... I will soon be able to use my Accuquilt Go Cutter and make a couple of fab quilts.This week find was a single duvet cover, I have to say there were a couple more that I loved but, I had to leave them and hope they are still their still there next week!
 So here it is.... Do you love it?!?!?! I do!!!!

My other finds were not from a thrifty store.... But my much loved library, They had a fantastic book sale on. Fill a box for £4. I managed to get a few that I had been lusting over... I reckon if you want to know me more, then my book selection should help sus me out... I'm all about creating, researching, my boys & bettering myself or trying too!
I hope you've all had a little thrifting fun this week..

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19 May 2012

Abakhan Fabrics, Sewing Seams for 15

Hello there peeps....
So this post has been in the pipe line for to long, why you ask? Life and Laundry is why! 
I was approached by the lovely Abakhan Fabrics, and asked if I would like to write for their news section on their site... I have to say I was so excited to be contacted... I mean me!!!! Anyways on to the nitty gritty.

I will be writing a post once a month called.... Drum roll please!

"Sewing Seams For 15"

The idea is for just £15, yes fifteen pounds, you can make a garment/outfit for you or yours, whatever takes your fancy! I will be making a garment/outfit every month, hoping to give you inspiration by the bucket load... I mean if I can do it, YOU most certainly can too!

So for my first SSFF (Sewing Seams For 15) I wanted to get straight in to making something for my boys. I always find that sewing for men and boys can have it's challenges... I mean finding a pattern worth it's salt is hard enough!

So when I came across this wee bute, I thought right this is the one. It's not a everyday jacket I know, but I thought it was very "cool" not to sure if I'm showing how not up with the kids I am saying that, I think it's all "sweet" & "ream" now!!! 

 I am very happy with the collar, I reckon it turned out well... There was alot of basting which I found time consuming but alas look it's crisp indeed!!

 The buttons came from my stash, I was not to sure to begin with because I had a wooden set in the frame but ... I think that these turned out perfect!!

 I love the linen... Looks so fresh!

Check out them seams!!!
They match!!!
(even if they do need a little press, the trials of working with linen!!)


So on to my wee model shoot!
This months model is my Finn...

Our rainy photo shoot!!!

What a smile!!

The trousers were just the right length...

They are oh so very comfortable I'm told!

I have to say I had so much fun with this challenge, I done alot of research for it and I have a few helpful links to share with you, I am so a visual learner so these would have helped me when I first started sewing, and a great refresher for me now!

*Working with linen ~ Fantastic with more links
*Sewing curved pockets ~ Simple but great tip
*Sewing a vent ~ It's for a skirt but a great visual

 So on to the numbers huh!!!

~ Pattern 
Age 1y-4y

1 Meter
(with some left to stash!)

1 Meter
(with 3/4 left over for stashing)

 3 x 1 meter
(You will only use 1.5 meters so 1.5 for the stash!)

~ Buttons
x4 metal anchors @ £0.36 = £1.44

TOTAL £15 exactly!

So there's my first instalment of 

"Sewing Seams For 15"

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed sewing/writing it..... Any questions comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comments below, I read and answer all. Just check back later on. I hope to see you all back next month.

This was a sponsered post

Abakhan Fabric


12 May 2012

Manchester Part 2

Hello there, I may seem MIA but I am sewing away... And catching up on the never ending washing I have in my life!!

I thought I would take a quick break and have a wee ramble!!
I have been pretty slack on the photo taking whilst in Manchester, don't know why I'm normally clicking away!! Anyways here's a couple I thought I'd share...

Finn enjoying a stringy cheese and ham toastie!!

There's very little space for kids over in Manchester city centre, that being said there is a massive green patch that the boys love playing cars in. If you look real close you might just see then looking teeny tiny!!

I couldn't resist this photo opportunity.. Talk about not travelling light!!! 

You can tell your back in Ireland when you have all this greenery and animals around!!! What a sunset it was to come home too!

Hope your all having a great Saturday.


6 May 2012

Flea Market Finds #1 2012

Hello there AGAIN!!!
I seem to be on a blogging hat-trick!!
I seen Flea Market Finds in my blog roll there, I was a avid poster on this front... I think it's time I got back on to it! Today is not so much quantity but more quality, I am forever on the hunt for vintage fabric. Yesterday on my wander, I found a stall that was full of handmade loveliness... & lovely little parcels of vintage pillow slips! I tried not to get to excited, but I could see the stall lady had a look of "yes I know aren't they fab"  AAAHHhhh the look of kindred spirits in the craft world... You may not know the person but know you could talk forever about crafty goodness!

Anyways on to the pillow slips....

The pictures don't do them any favours...

It's a little over cast.... The white pillow slip is so white, even in it's vintage stage! This is gonna go in to the box for a lovely vintage quilt, it will live on my rocking chair!

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I Will Wear It In.... Public #2

Hello there,

Happy Sunday to you all!

Just a quick update on my I Will Wear It In...Public Challenge!

I have decided to really challenge myself with this sew along. It might end up as a epic fail, BUT I always sew with cotton, so have decided to sew with stretch fabric and make a hoodie. I found this burda pattern

Which I bought at Abakhan Fabrics, If you don't have a store near you you can pick it up here for just £4.42 BARGAIN I say!! I will be attempting to sew look B, it's a lovely version of a hoodie for us lady types!

Do you remember this fabric?!?!? I have decided it's not just a Pj fabric :)

Does anyone have any tips?? I am in need of them for sure ;)
I will also be using this for the first time... Never even knew it existed! I will be using my twin needle for the first time too! Lost of firsts for me... A little scary but I'm hoping really rewarding!!


Curlypops Skirt Sew Along #1

Hello there :)

 So I'm running a little late on this one BUT..... I do have everything ready to go!!!

I have wanted a reason to do a good skirt far ages, and this has given me the nudge in the right direction! Thanx Curlypops.If you've never been over there just click on the link, you'll never look back! There is inspiration by the bagful.l

I plan on using this pattern, it's McCall's M5431. I will be making it floor length though. I'm not a midi skirt kinda gal. This skirt is so simple and yet, I LOVE IT.... I reckon it's the pockets!
I will be using this fabric... I was over at Abakhan Fabrics (Manchester) again! Such a bargain too only £7 for 4 metres!!! So happy. I collect elephants, so this fabric is so me!! This project is number 2 in line... But I shall keep you posted on my cutting and prep.

Final thought....
Do you have collections, other than the fabric stash or bursting button box?!?!?!?! I would love to know 


4 May 2012

My Creative space.... & My NEWS!!

Good Morning Everyone 

How are we?!?!? 
I got a early start today, Frazer wanted to play cars at 6am, I was to tired to argue...! I had a great day yesterday, not only did I get to Cath kidston, I also got in to Abakhan fabrics where I got some more t-shirt fabric! I am on a mission to conker my  Toyota Overlocker I have had it for so long, but appear to be afraid of it!!!!

A question.... is this only for pj's?!?!?!

This will be used for my I will wear it in public challenge!
On a Active Creative space.... I have been published, I know little old me!!!! I am so chuffed.

There is a wealth of inspiration there...

My article was all about Earth day, I had a rummage through my stash and found the ideal fabric for a market bag! There are lots of links to tutes for your own market bag in my article.... :) Please do comment below and let me know what you think.... I would love to hear good bad and ugly!!!

I'm glad my top stitching is getting better! Just shows you practise does make perfect.

Just one last thing.... When your over at Abakhan Fabrics is holding a design competition with The Sewing Directory... It looks like so much fun... There's a sewing machine up for grabs and some fabric too... Not to mention the chance to be recognised as a crafty master!!

 OOOHHhhhh and one more thing....
Here's a wee teaser for my next secret mission!!

Watch this space!!!


3 May 2012

Cath Kidston shopping... And giveaway preperations!

Well peeps, I'm back in Manchester

And yes I had to go back to Cath Kidston. Remember this post?? Well I got a couple of things on my lust list! I love this shop so much and reckon I could easily fall in love!!!

Not only is the bag too cute... Look at the gift wrapping!! 
I ended up getting my wee travel sewing kit & my mini book pin tin. I adore them, I mean how could you not?!?!?!

Here's a wee peek inside... L-U-S-H 

I'm really not normally not a rose/flowery girl but Hampton rose has stole my girly heart!! I plan on buying the Hampton rose cotton... And like a true fabric addict I'm not too sure of it's purpose, I think maybe a quilt backing, I the yoke and pocket of a floor length gypsy skirt would be lovely too!! Watch this space!!

I was so excited I want to share... Sooooo I have a giveaway planed with a little bit of Cath Kidston goodness!! I shall post when I get home nest week.

Have a great Thursday!!