29 October 2012

Accuquilt Rag quilt Agogo!!!! Tips/Tutorial Blogtoberfest #29

Good morning peeps...
Another Monday has come ALREADY. How did that happen!! I think kids make time disappear!! Talking of my boys.... We are officially in school/nursery FULL-TIME can I hear a WOOP WOOP!!!!! Very happy mummy right now. I now have time to make me a little rota of craft that will hopefully turn in to a wee business.
Well on to my rag quilt Tada!! As you know I have been playing with my Go cutter.... I am in love this is a fantastic gadget to have if you have a passion for quilting, your cutting time is minimal and you can get right down to the fun stuff QUILTING!!!!!

So as you can see I've been busy cutting & cutting away.. The mat has taken quite a battering. I'm so glad they are available in the UK. And for £9.20!!
There was alot of prep for the perfect rag square...

I have but 2 bits of tape on my sewing machine plate.. 1. ~ at the 1cm mark 2. ~ at the back so you can line up the corners. and there was no need for a 3rd as the mark is just at the edge of the foot plate at the front!! People may find this all a but too much but it does make for the "perfect" square.
Another couple of tips....
1. ~ When quilting the squares, I have been doing a backward stitch just to secure, I have from the corner done - 2 stitches forward 1 back then stitched to the opposite corner... And then done 2-3 backward stitch. The reason for the 1 back stitch at the start, is the stitch length is longer!! It messes up the perfect~ness!!
2. ~ If you are worried about sewing a "perfect" cross (for the quilting of rag square) then finger press at the beginning of each stitch!
So what do you think?!?!?
The owl fabric is from Abakhan Fabrics Manchester store. I love love it so very quirky and very me!! If you live near a Abakhan Fabric store you should defo head in for a visit.. It's a one stop shop... Me and the boys are heading over to Manchester for a holiday this weekend. I will be in for a wander!! If your like me and don't have a store near you why not check out their new Delivery section.
Well I'm off on my secret mission... All will be revealed on Wednesday.

27 October 2012

Family fun + 1 blogtoberfest #28

Hello there peep's
We're having a family fun day over town.. Foyleside has a arts & crafts thing on.... A little lame to be honest, and the lady at the crafts table is so no wanting to be there... Sad but hey she won't ruin our day!!
We had a fab walk over it's turned out another fab day!!

How could you not love autumn!!
This is some stone work on one of the bridges..
This is in the Diamond
It's the Austins building, It has a lovely cafe..
Over at Foyleside there is a dancing game you can win prizes...

The arts and crafts make..... The boys like it and that's the main thing!!!
I'm off for now.. I am real short on time so shall sort this post out on Monday, I have both my boys and a rather restless 11 year old girl.. she's bored of Starbucks already!!!

26 October 2012

Dusting off the Accuquilt Rag die Blogtoberfest #27

Hey peep's
How did everyones Friday go??
Me and the boys had a fab movie night filled with cinema style popcorn yum yum! The boys chose Spiderman.... No surprise there!! Anyways a fab night was had by all :)
I have some news brewing but will be waiting to spill the beans
I have been playing with my Accuquilt rag die... Can't wait to tell you my news!!
I might now be around tomorrow, there is lots of fun stuff to do up town for halloween.. Hence the early post!!

Another Crisp morning in Derry. Blogtoberfest 2012 #26

Good morning all...
I forgot to take photo's last night of my sewing adventures.
So it's all about this...
This is the walk back into town after I have dropped the boys to school... I love that you can see the Guildhall clock tower and so much of the sky.

The clouds look fantastic and they are moving so so fast today.. My fave is the last one, The sun shining through is just so nice. Again Autumn gives us another fab morning... Cold but fab none the less!!!
Well I'm off to do some of my "list" ahhh the life of endless lists!!!!
Have a fantastic Friday.. We love it at chez Traci, it's movie night with the boys :D

25 October 2012

Sewing class with a vintage bonus... + winning the overlocker over!! Blogtoberfest #25

Morning peeps

Well it's another quickie but..... it is a very productive one! (I have my Accountancy course today)

I had said that my swing class was a little "relaxed" for my liking but I have to say I am sewing soooo much more at home... Which is defo a knock on effect, in a very positive manner!!!

I have managed to sort out the tension problem :D on the overlocker..

I'm well on my way with the lined pockets for my Amy Butler jacket.... I'm also making a new set of pj's and attempting the placket... I normally omit this but I want to challenge myself!! I plan on blanket stitching on a bit of applique lettering too.


Now on to my fab fab new patterns.... These were given to me by my sewing teacher, She felt I would get a better use out of them!!! I just have to find a good soures for getting them sized right....


Do you have any good sources for re~sizing patterns?!?!!? I'm thinking Gertie might have all the answers!!

Till tomorrow peeps...
(more creative peeps here)

Today the to do list is massive sorry for the rush post!!



24 October 2012

From Burda with love....!! Blogtoberfest #24

Good morning peep...
Just a quickie this morning... I have sewing class!!
Last night was all about the homework, for Accountancy & Book-keeping.... Turns out I LOVE numbers!! Really enjoying the challenge. I am bursting to get in to sewing class as last week was all about fixing their overlocker!!
I'm back to sewing a hooded jacket this week... I shall have lovely gathered pockets to show you tomorrow!
Anyways on to Burda Autumn issue 2012

But first, Here's where i'm at with the kimono...

We are very nearly there now!!



Burda love...

This is stunning... The need for a underskirt is a definite

See what I mean about a underskirt!!

I'm loving this jacket... There is a shorter version that I have earmarked some wool for!!

This jacket is also a winner....

I'm asking Santa for a light box so that I can make all these lovelies a little easier!! Has to beat sellotaping patterns and paper to copy patterns!!

Well that's all from me today.... I'm running late for class!!!


23 October 2012

More Kimono love!! Blogtoberfest # 23

Hello there,
So how did everyones Monday go??
I had a bit longer in the day on my own.. Frazer is very nearly phased into school he is in till 12.45pm now. Next week he is in full time.. I'll be my own woman from 9am till 1.15pm. This is where my plan of having a tidy home and sewing on a good balance... I'm hoping that this plan comes to fruit!! I can hear all you others out there saying erm Traci!!!! Not gonna happen... But I am stubborn and am planning on taking over the world one stitch at a time!!
Anyway.. I managed to have some balance yesterday... Me and the boys got the last of the Halloween decorations up last night (I have a tute to share but just have to get the photos done) I am on top of the ever growing washing and I managed to get a fair bit of my kimono done last night...
There was alot of ripping out..... This seam had been sewn with thick thread and was doubled,
I got it all sewn up... I have sewn in front of the existing stitch, the holes left were a bit big so have mad them only visible to the on the inside.. A wee press and this should look just OK.
This is the centre back lining seam and the bottom hem... I have the white lining sewn up but have to attach the lining to the back of the kimono... This is the job for tonight.
This is the bottom hem... I'm thinking this well be the last seam. I still have to get the collar done, I'm saving this till last as it's gonna take alot of fiddling... I have to say I'm looking forward to it... This has been a lovely project... I can't wait to get it all washed and wrapped for Christmas!!

22 October 2012

What would you rather SWAP?!?!!? Blogtoberfest #22

So peeps

It's a Monday....

I have to say I'm not a Monday blues type of gal!!! It's the start of a new week, back to routine for the boys... And only only 4 sleeps till movie night with the boys!!

On to the nitty gritty!!!

What do people think of a wee international swap?!?!!?
I would love to host a swap, but first have to test the water.... Would you be in??? I'm thinking either
A Christmas stocking + Goodies

A Christmas apron + Goodies

I have always enjoyed taking part but I think I want to get my hands dirty this time and jump right in there!!
So tell me lovely peeps....
Are you in....
What's your ? + Goodies preference??
If your a lurker or a shinny new reader.... Please do leave a comment below.. And I know my regular readers will put their 2 pence in!!!
Big Love

21 October 2012

Abakhan Fabrics ~ Sewing Seams For Fifteen #2 Blogtoberfest #21

Well hello there peeps...

How is everyone's Sunday going?? We are happy here at chez Traci, It's a very lazy Sunday for sure!!

This post has been a long time coming (Sorry Will)


So here it is "Sewing Seams For Fifteen" #2
What's it all about I hear you say, well it's all about making a garment or 2 for £15 or under... And all from the same place.. The ever Inspiring Abakhan Fabrics, they have a wealth of fabrics, patterns, habredashery, woolly good~ness

This month we are making a lovely top with ruffles.... I need those ruffles, so yummy and made with charmeuse, they scream luxuary!!!
This is the first time I have ever used Charmuse befor and it was not as scary as people were making out if I am honest.... I done alot of reaserch and toilet roll seems to be the answer!!!!
This is THEE ruffles front view with the flash...

And side view in overcast natural light!!

This is a button I would never go for it normally, But on this occassion it defo suits the pattern and fabric!!
This is the side view, sorry about the overcast pics!!
Now on to the clutch...
This pattern wasn't with the simplicity top pattern, BUT there are so so many tutorials out there. I found a couple I liked and used a little of both.. Here & here..... I added a few beads too just to add a bit of WoW!!
This was a good tip from Kill them with craftiness... It makes a great neat finish!
My lovely JEM at work.... JEM is my new sewing machine and she's a Janome, I have always had a Brother machine. My mind may have been changed though, I have found a love for the... Purring noise you could call it that my JEM has.. She has limited stitches but hey I can sooo work with that... I mean if I get to grips with my overlocker I may not need another machine for some time yet!!!
Anyways things I learnt during this long winded project... I found that sandwiching the toilet roll in between your fabric (I forgot to take a pic) makes the fabric way easier to control, Starch defo helps with the cutting proces.. And last but by no means least if you plan to use intefacing, then defo use SEW-IN it leaves you with a much better finish.... I found that Gertie has some fab tips... You should defo read the comments too!!

So what do I need to make this fab duo??

You need to head on over to

And pick up the following (or similar if sold out)
Simplicity pattern 1831 ~ £3.44

Charmuse fabric (2x=) ~ £6.50

Enclosed Zip ~ £1.15

Nylon lining ~ £1.09
Total £14.70!!
With a whole 30 pence to spare!!!

How's that for looking fab for under 15 quid!!!!
Just as a wee foot note...
 3 things I'm loving over at Abakhan Fabrics
1 ~ They have added a new delivery section so there are way less people being left out!
2 ~ There is now a swimwear & Lingerie section!
3 ~ The also now stock Kwick Sew patterns too!

Well that's instalment #2

Let me know what you think peeps... Of this post and of the site, a little constructive criticism goes a long way!

Happy Sunday