27 February 2010


Well it's taken a while but order is now revealing it's self in my world, i now have a floor in my sewing room and a place for nearly everything! turns out i didn't need all those boxes.... but I'm sure I'll find something to put in them!!
I have a few project's that i must get finished before i can start on the real fun stuff... designing all manner of thing's clothes bears and gift's for friends.... i have a vague portfolio that i hope to get listed up here in the next few days.
with all this in mind i have to timetable my sewing but..... i think first thing's first lets get the wee man being Frazer my youngest of 1yr into a bed time routine, wean him completely breast feeding till 13 months should be quite enough (it was enough for his older brother Finn GROAN) it was going oh so well then the teeth started!!!!! then the bug came!!!!! ah motherhood...... i wouldn't change it for the world though!!
Basically this blog will be the witterings of a 29yr old mum with 2 kid's trying to maintain sanity through her attempts at sewing and running her household.... x