30 November 2012

Bonnie Birdies ~ tweet tweet!!!

Hey there peeps
I'm sitting catching up on some supernatural, with a cuppa, gingernuts and.....
My wee "Bonnie Birdies"....
These have been in the stash sine last year!!! About time I got them made up. They are named after a dear friend from back home, in Scotland. I think it all ties in nicely her name in Bonnie, women in Scotland can be called birds (slang!) with a little tartan too..
I can't wait to get heaps of these made up...
Do you give your products sentimental names???
Do share!!

Swapping ..... Me!!!!

Hello there peeps
As ever I'm running a little late
I seen a plaque the other day that described me to a T
"If it wasn't for the last minute nothing would get done"!!!!!
I love it
Here's a sneak peek at ONE of my swaps for the handmade ornament swap
This is a fab book...
I photos later (After the swaps are over) it's a very inspiring book indeed... And published in 1996 too!!!
I'm off to finish the housework!!
Lots of sewing posts to come with some.... With some arty farty stuff with me and the boys!!
Enjoy your Friday

27 November 2012

Kimono update....

Hello there
I am still working on the kimono, Have to say this project is one of my all time faves it has been a pleasure to work with... I have really enjoyed every min of it.
It has not only been lovely to work with BUT it has been very educational... Seeing the way it has been put together... it has all been made by hand I can't imagine how long it took to make it originally, I'm only mending it and it's taking a while..... That being said I am taking my time with it as I'm enjoying it so much!
So where am I now
The inside back seam is done....

This is the hem....
I now just have the collar and the inside arm to do then it's ready to be put in the Christmas gift pile. Oh and I have to make a waist tie too... I look forward to choosing the fabric for that!! I would love to make a pattern for this as it it a original, and has been executed with amazing workmanship... Watch this space and I'll let you know...
Let me know if you would like to have the tute written up?!?!?!
Anyways I'm off to enjoy the Autumn sunshine before I pick up the boys.

Feeling a little Craftsy... & Loved!!!

Hello there peeps
We have lift off!!!!
I can now post with photos, A massive thanx to Teresa of affectioknit... I so wouldn't be able to do this without her help... Lovely, patient lady. Thanx so much.

So what have I bee up to??

Well I am a year older

21 AGAIN of course!!
The boys are doing real well. Nursery is going so well Frazer was so ready to start, I think that he watched Finn  all year he was just bursting to get started!!
Finn is turning out to be quite the artist... This makes me a very happy mummy!!! He is full of gold stars, My only niggle and for me is a biggie... There is a wee bugger bullying him. I myself was bullied and I will not have it for my wee boy... I have arranged a meeting at the school and hope to have this resolved, It is a shame that it seems to be bully or be bullied in school...
Anyways I shall keep you posted!!! on to a happier note.... Check out our lovely school photo.
This is just the proof photo, but I'm loving it!! All grown up..
I got one done of Frazer on his own... He looks so angelic!!
I've also been out scouring the web for fab classes.... And then..... DRUM ROLL.... I was gifted 3 Craftsy classes... The classic tailored shirt, Beginner Serging & The Couture dress. I am a very happy lady indeed!!
I have also been sewing away I now have 2 pairs of pj's done, just one left and that's 3 Christmas pressies down!! I am using vintage patterns.. (I shall add them later) I have to say the plackets are DEMENTING ME!!! But practise makes perfect! so I reckon this last pair will be brilliant, lessons learnt with the first 2 pairs!!

I have to have a extra seam on the last pair, on the outer leg. I  am running low on this lovely fabric (I shall get you the makers name for the last pair post!) This fabric is lovely and thick such a treat to work with... They will be cosy to wear, bearing in mind they are cotton!!
Well I hope you enjoy this post I'm off for round to.... I have some Kimono work to share!!

24 November 2012

PLEASE...... HELP!!!!! NO REALLY.... HELP :(

Hello there peeps
I have been trying to write the same post for days..... And it is now official...
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH what's going on?!?!?!?!?!!?
I have been told that my storage is at 99% for photos?!?!?!?!
OK I am dim I'll admit that BUT i downloaded some picasa 3thingy.... This has made no difference
Do I need a new blog???? I've been here for so long I'm a little scared  TERRIFIED
Do you have words of wisdom???
I am on my knee's!!!!

20 November 2012

Acorn hunting!!!

Hello peeps....
I did manage to get some sewing done last night
I'm on the home run with the kimono
I forgot to bring out my camera..
Here is a photo... of the littlest
We're searching for acorns as he calls them.... We are infact looking for pine cones!!! Ah to be 3 nearly 4 again.
Till the next post ;)

19 November 2012

Cath Kidston love ....... & a Giveaway!!!

Blog post 2......
WEEEEEEeeeee I'm on a roll!!
On my visit to Manchester, of course I went for a wander round the much loved Cath Kidston store. WoW still loving this store.. So so many things on the want list!!
I did get a little early birthday pressie when I was there....
The Christmas bags are lush.....
And the wrapping...... Not just one layer but,
.....2 love love it!!!!


Isn't she a beltter!!! I love this I'm all about lists and this is a place they can be stored!!!! So so loving this... It's £15 you can find it here...
Now on to your wee giveaway... It's not a orgoniser BUT it is a 2 little Cath Kidston gifts all wrapped up. I'm Not going to tell you what's inside as it's a wee surprise. I do love surprises!!!
1. Like my Facebook
2. Like my twitter
3. Join this blog!!
You only have to do one of the above.... You will earn extra entries for each option... Remenber to let me know in the comments if you entered more than once. I'll be checking so be good ;)
PS International are more than welcome to enter
Closing date is november 23rd

My latest fabric haul.... YUM YUM!!

Hello there how is everyone??
Here we are at another Monday... I am still a happy Monday person it has to be said. I here so many groaning about it but it's the beginning of routine for me... I love a Monday morning.
Today's post is all about my fabric haul over at Abakhans Fabric over in Manchester. Anyone who doesn't mind TK Maxx or a good old rummage will adore this store there are so so many gems to be found. The first floor is all just wire baskets filled with cotton, linen, wool, dress fabric.... I could go on but I would really be here all day!! There is a section through the back that is filled with wool, patterns and heaps more it.s a feast for any avid sew-er or wool lover!!!
Upstairs is more fabric but this is all on the bolt.... This is where all the patterns are, with a large button collection, more ribbon than you can shake a stick at.. I think if I had no kids with me I could easily spend a day here just rummaging!!!
So on to my haul...
This is for some girlie pram rag quilts!!
This is for some boy pram rag quilts

This may be rag quilts.... But it is very nice, it may go straight in to the stash (you know the oh dear will I cut it or not pile!!)
this is so a quilt!!

And again!!!!

And again....!!!
This is going to be a fleece lined circle scarf... And an extra one for Christmas pressies!!

This is gonna be a top... Have you seen the freebie on Coletterie site?!?!!? I think this would be lovely in this fabric... Think this pattern is gonna be a fave!!!

This is gonna be a linen skirt.... I have to find the pattern, But I reckon I have heaps in the stash!! This is gonna be my Christmas day outfit!
This is for a top.... Also for Christmas day!!
This has no purpose as of yet, but it has St Patricks written all over it!!!
So what do you think of that for a haul????
FAB FAB I say!!!
I have another post to write not so.... see you in a min!!! Hope you've enjoyed my haul. I plan on sewing tonight so will have a actual sewing thing to show you!!!

16 November 2012

Stocking up on Christams present makes!!

Hey there peeps,
So are we counting the days till Christmas???
It's 38 here in the UK....
I have been collecting fabric and patterns for ages, I have to say that boys and men's patterns are a nightmare!! And not only that but men are soooo difficult to buy for.... I have a plan, make most things, it's all about the sentiment!!
So first up I have Kwik sew ~Men's boxer shorts 1672 (By Kerstin Martensson)
I got this on my trip to Manchester's Abakhan Fabrics. I know that I could have traced a pair... But why not just get a new pattern to the stash! I have never used a Kwik sew, and I'm loving the paper patterns appose to the tracing paper you get with all other companies ;) I shall keep you posted on my adventures... Eg the fit and style!!

This is a upholstery fabric... The green hasn't shown well BUT this is going to be a great half MAN apron!! I think I'm gonna add 2 different kinds of pockets... Give myself a slight challenge!!
So that's the first of my many Christmas makes for 2012... I will no doubt be abuzz with plenty more, Lets hope I can finish a few, and not just fill my sewing room with more UFO's!!

WoW just WoW.....

Hello there Peeps...
I have not abandoned my blog, Just was taken over by Manchester there for a while. I have to say I am very much in love with the place.. It has the best buzz about it. I was so taken over by the buzz of it all I forgot to take my camera out of my bag most days.. So I would like to say this is a photo filled post but hey, it's just my wildly words to stir up the imagination!!!!
We were so lucky to be in Manchester for the Christmas lights switch on!!! It was busy busy and to be honest we ended up leaving early but the boys really enjoyed it. Like I say the buzz is out of this world!!
We also went to Legoland..... Fab for the boys BUT if you ever go find a money off coupon some where!!!! That being said the boys did love it. (The family ticket was £54.... The year membership was £97!!!!)
Now peeps I have to say after living in Derry for so long I was like a lost lamb in the Traford Centre!!! Has anyone been there???? It is so so so HUGE!!!! This is a pic of a little part just walking through it a walk way you might say!!
And more walk through....
Look at Frazer, A Christmas tree mummy!!!!
Do you see the marble seats...
I have to say this was the cutest thing ever, BIG bears singing and moving the boys LOVE LOVE LOVED it.... (as did I to be honest the kiddy in me still lives on!)
This is a shot from inside the Traford centre.... It was CHRISTMAS already in there, can you tell I'm in love? It is a very spend spend spend enviroment, BUT I loved it all the same there were so many inspirational windows to look in, me and the boys done nothing but smile whilst there!!

On the way home we discovered a Ice Ice rink.... Selfridges too!!! I can't wait till the boys are old enough I love the rink!!!
Well that's the photo's this time round!! not many I feel I should have taken heaps more but hey we were to busy having fun!!

The flight home was as good as the one on the way there..... I am oh so proud of my wee happy travellers!!!
Well I'm off I have to go see the Christmas craft fair in Guildhall. I have a couple more posts to get up but will get them up very soon... It's a battle of kids, housework, blogging and sewing!!! I'm not too sure who's winning at the min!!!
I hope everyone is having a fab day.... After all it is Friday!!!!


9 November 2012

Planes, trains & automobiles!!!!

Good afternoon

How is everyone?? Me and the boys are having a wee break :) It's been all taxis, trains, buses & planes!! I have to say I'm lucky enough to have 2 good little travellers.. There were no complaints until the last 30mins!

I do love the Irish countryside... It makes the 1.5hour bus journey  a nice one!!

This is a bridge on the way into Belfast...

Check out my wee troupers!!

This is a fab shot of Finn... We are taking off at this point!!

You can see why it's called the Emerald Island!!

Action shot landing!!


Anyways were here now... Settled with a nights sleep in us. We've found a trade in shop already and have 3 movies to keep us entertained. It's movie night here too!! Not only did I find a trade in BUT.... I also found a shoe shop.

I adore these.... They might have to come home with me!!!!

Well that's all for now... I have to boys bursting with excitement, Forbidden Planet is calling them!!