31 October 2010

Day 31---Mwha the end is here!!

So it's the 31st.... Halloween!!! And the end of our Octoberfest.
It has been Harder some days, than others to write.... Hopefully I've not bored any of you too much!! And hopefully some of you stay around for a while!!

So what have I learned this.... My first Octoberfest??
Well it appears I'm always trying to sew, I set goals I tell myself are realistic!!! but really I'm all about my kids..... I know my time will come, and I will make a living out my sewing skills but right now.... My kids are my everything.. As they always will be, I shouldn't wish for more hours in the day (to sew) I should appreciate every min with the boys, as time passes so fast and soon it'll be "Don't walk me to school mum" and lots of door slamming!!!!

Talking again of the boys..... We went to the park this morning.... So glad we took a towel the park was wet wet wet!!! But all worth the smiles all round

I would like so Thank all you lovely readers out there followers and browsers alike!! I do write this blog to gush about my kids, and catalog my crafting adventures.... But it's nice to know that I am worthy of a wee read, every now and then.....

I shall be hosting a giveaway by the end of the day kids permitting!!!
And tying up a few loose ends
so stay tuned....


30 October 2010

Day 29-30---Network failure & Pumpkins

Hello there, so I missed yesterday post as BT's network had a failure and only came on today.... Unimpressed yes but hey... S**t happens!!!
So tonight ......

Me and the boys have been pumpkin making, for our Halloween celebrations.....

We made all our Decorations earlier from print-outs, I used teddy bear stuffing for cobwebs... The cup was only 30p from a thrifting adventure!!

Our door is fairly welcoming if I do say so myself!!

Our pumpkins are done.... Well one to do but the night is getting on and I'm shattered!!

Nite Nite


PS do you have a fave pumpkin????

28 October 2010

Day 28---Halloween begins

Hello there
Me and the boys met up with a friends today and headed out to a So called "party"!!!!! Oh my so glad the boys enjoyed all the free space!!! As it turned out to be a gym hall with no music, decorations or anything much near Halloween-ey!!!

Both the boys were dressed up as spiders!!

Finn is super cute in this pic!!

And Frazer is perfecting his pout.... I think he's coming on well.... He'd give Posh a run for her money!!!!

We have friends coming over tomorrow for lunch and painting, and more Halloween fun planed for over the weekend, can't wait to get the pumpkin done!!


27 October 2010

Day 27---My creative stocking-athon!!!

So today's creative space is all about stock and stockings....
It's a bit of a conveyor belt, but it's only 4 days till I'm meant to be you know open and running!!!
You can have a wee sneak peek over to the right, if you fancy!!

I'm thinking I might just look a bit bare to begin with but It's a start!!
But my stockings are well on their way....

Check out more busy bee's over here


26 October 2010

Day 26---Prep

Good evening there....
I seem to be lost of words tonight, either that or my writing skills have left me!!!
So this shall be short but sweet.

Tonight I am prep-ing for my wee shop... (On the right there!!)
It is scarily close to opening and I am soooo not ready!
It's all about the fiddly bits tonight, oh and Christmas.
Wish me luck and lots of it!


25 October 2010

Day 25---I'm a happy winner

Today the postman came with gifts!!!!
OOOOHHHH how I love waiting rather impatiently for a parcel,
I mean look at the lovely wrapping too!

I recently entered a giveaway over at " The Sewing Directory" And I won ribbon Goodies from "Seamstar" Which I must add is a fantastic site well worth a look I will be there for more ribbon thats for sure!!

These wee ribbons will be put to good use I have plans already.... Stockings!!

I also got a wee bag of oddments too just because!! With a rather helpful flyer too, this will be going on my pin-board!


24 October 2010

Day 24---PMA

Hello there, how's your Sunday been?
Mines has been filled with motivation... Today I Decided to take charge of my dairy! I am constantly forgetting stuff...

And to think, I thought the diary being purple would aid me in the upkeep too!

I have been working on Santa sacks, please ignore the corners I have still to push them out!

And I have to share our "starry night reward chart" with you.... I have to say that this chart has been so simple and really effective. I am still attending The Nurturing Program and I have to say it's good I'm using a more age appropriate way of dealing with the kids.... And they love the star chart a lot! Now bath-time is so much less stressful as is brushing hair and teeth!!!

Hope you had a fab Sunday


23 October 2010

Day 23---A proud day!!!

So today me and the boys went up town for a wander,
It has to be said I myself had the hardest time....
I mean all the sales all the shinny, there was so much I really wanted to buy, and this was me looking from the outside in... I say I was brave but I never entered the wealth of bargain-ness, I have to say I might just have buckled under the pressure!

Dorthy Perkins has to be my fave shop... Its generally affordable and has lots of styles, I especially like their Knit wear and tops. Why do you ask did I not go in and feast amongst the yummy sale-ness.... Well because of out dearest Dottie's utmost challenge... I started back in May... It's been 5 months and a day.... Some people get the 5 year itch I think I just got the 5 month itch! And my god was I itchy!

All that being said I now have the the last shove to get this dress finished, as well as a few other UFO's. I have enjoyed my utmost challenge so far, it has stopped me just buying for the hell of it and when I think about it.... I done that quite a bit, sort of made the trip up town more exciting worthwhile... Crazy really..... Now i have more to spend on fabric and more time to walk with the boys and sew!

After my sale-ness moment, me and the boys headed to their Fave part of the shopping centre....
The glass tunnel in Foyle side...
Check out the action shot cool huh!!!

I have more to tell but I shall have another post shortly!!!


22 October 2010

Day 22---Mummies little helpers

Hey there peeps
So I have been perfecting my my very own
Christmas spice.

With the help of my 2 little helpers....
It's taken a while, but we've got it!!!

Christmas decorations here we come!!!!


21 October 2010

Day 21---In your opinion????

So this is a wee wall hanging I have been working on....

I'm not to sure about it, but I think i have been staring at it for way too long!!!
What do you think???
I'm gonna quilt it... Don't think i should add anything else to it though...

well it's been a long day and I should have been in bed ages ago!!!
nite nite


20 October 2010

Day 20---Loose threads P2

So this P2 of the Loose Threads exhibit is oh so late!!
Do you remember this post???

As I was saying this was a great exhibit
I shall just jump straight back in where I left off!
The write up below is written by the quilters

A bunch of flowers by Janice Maxwell

Spring time in Mount Stewart Gardens depicted in patchwork & applique accentuating the flower colours.
"I liked this one as the colours were nearly neon!!"

Fiery red by Sheila Ferguson

There is always a explosion of colour during the summer and autumn months in the garden. I hope my reds do it justice. This piece was hand appliqued and machine quilted.
"I hope one day to be able to applique so well"

It would appear that in my excitement i missed the plaque underneath so nothing from the quilter here, but i have to say the trees are so nice.

Sole music by Margaret Mehaffey

I have always admired the parquetry of the music room in Mount Stewart. A photograph of the floor in "buildings of North County Down" By CBE Brett inspired me to try & turn the design in to a quilt using cut back and applied applique using a sewing machine.
"Personally I was sold straight away.... you guessed it, it's purple!"

Drumlins by Molly Taylor

The Drumlins of County Down were the inspiration for this wall hanging. The blues and greens reflect the colours seen around Mount Stewart Gardens. It has been appliqued and heavily machine quilted in bright threads and embellished.
" I really liked the bright threads in this one"

Well thats part 2 over I hope you have the time to have a wee peek at the links there's a couple of good ones there.... Part 3 will come quicker I promise!!! I think I will keep the best till last, and do a 4th post of my 2 fave quilts they really are great.


19 October 2010

Day 19.2---Phah to button holes

So it turns out after all my years of sewing...


Well it's actually not all that scary!!!
Especially if you have this beauties

I mean check out my freshly done buttonholes!!! So chuffed
It's all down to this tutorial...
This lady not only shows you how to do a buttonhole with the proper foot but shows you how when you've lost your foot too!!! She also has about 15 other tutorials up there... I will defo be watching another day!!


Day 19.1---Poor wee mite

Just finished my last post, mins ago and it's the youngest thats up tonight... First his ears, now it sounds like the wee guys throat is away.

Poor wee bugger... Hate it when they are ill, wish i could be ill for them..

Get well soon Frazer


Day 19---Halloween prep

So me and the boys have been making our own Halloween decorations today....

I have been sourcing print outs for the boys to paint, and on rainy days we have been getting all arty!! Today we were sticking the "art" to card board, we'll glue it to some string and hang it at the door.... I love the fact having kid's gives me the excuse to be artsy, and not buy all the crap that comes with yet another holiday!!
I shall get pics up when our door is all arty!!


PS... I got a Xmas stocking made up it's in my wee shop as a sample
Fancy a wee peek?!?!?!?
the link is on the right hand side

18 October 2010

Day 18.1---Night-shift crafter!!

Of late i have been questioning my ability to create/sew.....
I know i can sew, I don't mean that... I mean sewing/kids/housework/life!!! I have given up on the latter for a while.... And I'm thinking that I was a bit presumptuous that I would be able to open a shop now...

That being said, I feel I have to try a bit of night-shift sewing to see if, it is in fact possible to juggle the above!!!

Wish me luck!!!!


Day 18---Stocking pattern done

By the title you may think big deal huh......
I was of the thinking the very same, a quick scribble would have done it!!!!

More the fool me, this lovely stocking....
Took me an 1h 15mins to get semi right.....
I still think i need to shorten the foot bit & thin it out too????
I'm fishing for an opinion there!!!
Constructive criticism welcome.....

I really wanted to make a stocking that had a nod towards vintage... With the slightly pointed toe & a bit of a heel too it. Reckon it should stand out from all the straight rounded toes out there!!!!

Well I'm off to start stitching in the ditch!!!!
Wish me luck


Amended - I have decided to shave a 1/2 inch off the foot.... It has made all the difference

17 October 2010

Day 17---Stencils & sore ears

Today has been a little hectic...
Both boys were up at between 3-4am, with temperatures,
I'm glad Finn is able to tell me whats wrong, as I've been scratching my head, wondering whats been up with Frazer for the last 4 nights.... Finn mentioned a sore ear... So off to the out of hours and I have got a anti-biotic.

Alas Finn was crying just now, and he is now down stairs with juice and a cookie!!!! Oh how i make my own problems..... And i hear myself say aawwhh but he's ill.... I shall pay for such love next week!!!!!

I did manage a bit of craftiness today, I have got my Patterns/stencils sorted out so now i have got them on some cardboard.


16 October 2010

Day 16.1---A wee gush

My best creation is my children.
-- Diane Von Furstenberg


Day 16---My lining found

Running a little late tonight ......
That has been my calling for the last few days huh!!

I have eventually made a decision on the lining for my dress..... Those who know me will not be surprised, that it shall of course be purple!!! I think it will look brill!!

Also the postman brought me my lavender today, so I can get on with making my lavender hearts.


15 October 2010

Day 15---Crochet & christmas

Well hello there
Hows your day been????
I done a bit of internet shopping....

20 x 11" Cracker Snaps ideal for xmas !!!  Crafts

I picked up these.......
What are they you say huh?!?!?!?!
They are the snappers for inside Christmas crackers!!!

I also met a friend for coffee today.....

I have been enlisted to crochet the a couple of cardies, not to sure about the quality of the baby blue..... but the navy blue looks great OK. The gray and red are for a pram blanket!! When I will find the time I really don't know, she's not due for 6 weeks so wish me luck!!!!!!


14 October 2010

Day 14.1---Stocking swap teaser!!!


Well after a-lot of humming and hawing.....

I have found the fabric for my stocking swap partner.....
Boy that took sometime huh, all this stalking has taken it out of me...
Have to start cutting but maybe tomorrow!!!!


Day 14---Making my own traditions

So I am just back form, a super quick jaunt up town!!

I seen these and could not resist....

Advent calenders for the boys.... Think I'll fill the pockets with little chocolate coins.....
I love the thought of a bit of tradition... What better way to start but with a Advent calender that come out every year... it can grow with them!!!

I also got some new Xmas fabric, cord & fun fur!!!!

I will not be going anywhere near any of these lush fabrics till I have finished @ least a couple of these projects!!