15 October 2010

Day 15---Crochet & christmas

Well hello there
Hows your day been????
I done a bit of internet shopping....

20 x 11" Cracker Snaps ideal for xmas !!!  Crafts

I picked up these.......
What are they you say huh?!?!?!?!
They are the snappers for inside Christmas crackers!!!

I also met a friend for coffee today.....

I have been enlisted to crochet the a couple of cardies, not to sure about the quality of the baby blue..... but the navy blue looks great OK. The gray and red are for a pram blanket!! When I will find the time I really don't know, she's not due for 6 weeks so wish me luck!!!!!!



  1. excellent, home made crackers very cool!

  2. Home made crackers...well that should go off with a bang!

  3. That pattern is adorable! Good luck with the crochet, I would be panicking if I only had 6 weeks I take so long to crochet.
    Kandi x

  4. I am a little to be honest!!!! But i would never tell her!!!!


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