17 October 2010

Day 17---Stencils & sore ears

Today has been a little hectic...
Both boys were up at between 3-4am, with temperatures,
I'm glad Finn is able to tell me whats wrong, as I've been scratching my head, wondering whats been up with Frazer for the last 4 nights.... Finn mentioned a sore ear... So off to the out of hours and I have got a anti-biotic.

Alas Finn was crying just now, and he is now down stairs with juice and a cookie!!!! Oh how i make my own problems..... And i hear myself say aawwhh but he's ill.... I shall pay for such love next week!!!!!

I did manage a bit of craftiness today, I have got my Patterns/stencils sorted out so now i have got them on some cardboard.



  1. Ouch - poor boys (and Mum) earache is nasty - my 2 seemed to get it loads when they were small. Hope they feel better soon.

    I keep all my templates in a tin - so many now - handy to have them all together.

  2. Big kisses all round hun xxx
    Very impress you got anything done!

  3. Poor lambs, earache is awful.
    Kandi x


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