23 October 2010

Day 23---A proud day!!!

So today me and the boys went up town for a wander,
It has to be said I myself had the hardest time....
I mean all the sales all the shinny, there was so much I really wanted to buy, and this was me looking from the outside in... I say I was brave but I never entered the wealth of bargain-ness, I have to say I might just have buckled under the pressure!

Dorthy Perkins has to be my fave shop... Its generally affordable and has lots of styles, I especially like their Knit wear and tops. Why do you ask did I not go in and feast amongst the yummy sale-ness.... Well because of out dearest Dottie's utmost challenge... I started back in May... It's been 5 months and a day.... Some people get the 5 year itch I think I just got the 5 month itch! And my god was I itchy!

All that being said I now have the the last shove to get this dress finished, as well as a few other UFO's. I have enjoyed my utmost challenge so far, it has stopped me just buying for the hell of it and when I think about it.... I done that quite a bit, sort of made the trip up town more exciting worthwhile... Crazy really..... Now i have more to spend on fabric and more time to walk with the boys and sew!

After my sale-ness moment, me and the boys headed to their Fave part of the shopping centre....
The glass tunnel in Foyle side...
Check out the action shot cool huh!!!

I have more to tell but I shall have another post shortly!!!


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