31 October 2010

Day 31---Mwha the end is here!!

So it's the 31st.... Halloween!!! And the end of our Octoberfest.
It has been Harder some days, than others to write.... Hopefully I've not bored any of you too much!! And hopefully some of you stay around for a while!!

So what have I learned this.... My first Octoberfest??
Well it appears I'm always trying to sew, I set goals I tell myself are realistic!!! but really I'm all about my kids..... I know my time will come, and I will make a living out my sewing skills but right now.... My kids are my everything.. As they always will be, I shouldn't wish for more hours in the day (to sew) I should appreciate every min with the boys, as time passes so fast and soon it'll be "Don't walk me to school mum" and lots of door slamming!!!!

Talking again of the boys..... We went to the park this morning.... So glad we took a towel the park was wet wet wet!!! But all worth the smiles all round

I would like so Thank all you lovely readers out there followers and browsers alike!! I do write this blog to gush about my kids, and catalog my crafting adventures.... But it's nice to know that I am worthy of a wee read, every now and then.....

I shall be hosting a giveaway by the end of the day kids permitting!!!
And tying up a few loose ends
so stay tuned....



  1. I have enjoyed your month of posting. Blogging is such a great way to record our lives - family, hobbies, whatever. Much more fun that a diary I think.

  2. I've had fun following your posts. Blogtober is fun but hectic and I didn't get to comment much on other blogs as I was so busy thinking about my own posting. I think I need to find a happy medium between posting, having time to browse other blogs and crafting too!

  3. The boys looked so happy that you had spent the time taking them to the park. The crafting will wait even though we get impatient, the boys will not, now is their time.


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