31 January 2013

Win £20 with Abakhan Fabrics competition.... Why not!!

Hey there peeps..

How is everyone?

I am so looking forward to tomorrow, IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

I have been feeling rather sorry for myself today.... I have a head cold, The sinuses are very unhappy, Poor me!
ANYWAY... Enough of the self pity I hear... OK OK..

Today's post is meant to be about the yummy competition over  Abakhan Fabrics, They have a brand new pintrest account. It's starting with a bang....

Check it out there's a chance to spend 20 quid... Brilliant huh!!
And just as a FYI.... 20 quid in Abakhan is like a MONSTER haul... The fabric is by weight so, there is so much fabric at a total steal!


I had a wander around the site I've not visited for a while, you know Christmas and birthdays and all!! Anyway, I had a good wander round, I managed to pin not 10 but 17 pic's to my new board. I have pinned a few workshops too. Does anyone live near Liverpool?? The classes are FAB... Pattern cutting caught my eye straightaway. Might have to try get over for that!

I might just add in here, little old me is featured on Abakhan's blogger pin board and not just the one pin.... 4 pins check me out!!

Well I am still suffering!!! So before I start to grumble about my head cold I'm off!!


30 January 2013

A little more Manchester...

Hello there,

I don't know if your quite sick of me warbeling on about Manchester, I would like to say "I'm over it" but that would be a total lie!

In following my #amonthof  We're now on to the prompt ice... Being that I live in Derry there is little ice about, plenty of rain though!

So here is my ice photo, Manchester's Christmas lights. This picture was taken outside the town hall. I loved the Christmas decorations they were stunning! I also thought the street lights we're just stunning. What do you think?? They remind me of days gone by!


#Amonthof ~ Ice

29 January 2013

Yummy yummy crochet..

Hello there peeps

How is everyone? 
I have been mulling over my hoard stash, and to be honest for me.... It's too much so I have decided to take a new approach. I am going to stay that I am stash busting and ACTUALLY stash bust. 

I have a sewing room that I can't open the door to. It to my same has become the room I throw things that don't have a place yet.. BAD Traci BAD.. I did have a very nearly lovely sewing room. But alas the rest of the house took over due to my lake of order/routine.

This will end now!
I have now taken a before picture as I might just be to MORTIFIED at how bad I have let it get, but I do have a pic of a little stash busting I've started....

What do you think of the colour combination? Delicious I say, I am bias as my fave colour is purple. It dose look good enough to eat! This is a cowl, I have a crocheted circle done but I am searching the perfect button.

This is the next cowl, I like the colour comb here very natural.. I think I have my crochet bug back again! I can't wait to put the boys up to bed and get the wool out!!

Have you been crocheting recently???

Do tell....


23 January 2013

sewing class, and good deeds!

Hello there!

Are you keeping well? 

I am en-route to sewing class... I have my sewing bag filled with prep-ed red drawstring bags.. 

I will be busy working on these hoping I get them finished today then I only have 2 more tasks for others... I then am only sewing for me or my boys for a while!!! That being said I will have a sense of satisfaction handing then over... Pride I think it is!! I'm such a people please-r!!

Well I'm running late now!!!!

Must head off to said class and get sewing.


4 you say.... Aye!!

Good morrrrning peeps 

How is everyone today?

Today my youngest turned 4...

My wee boy huh.... Really does make me feel all nostalgic. It feels like yesterday I was struggling to get him to stop breast feeding, look at the wee guy now!

He looks as proud as punch with his new badge!!

I'm off to sewing class to finish the dreaded drawstring bags!! (for the nursery!) My good deed should be finished today.


22 January 2013

QUITE..... With a view!

Hello there 

How is everyone? Are we all settling into 2013?

I am very much so, I have started gutting out all the hiddyholes in my house.. I lie even the non hiddyholes were looking very much like a Hoarders paradise!!! I have managed to sort out the the kitchen, utility and hall. Both bathrooms got a good scrub down too... So after all my gutting, clearing and scrubbing, me and the boys went for a wander down The Line... 

We got there just in time for the lovely sunset....

There is nothing like a QUITE walk along The Line..


Measuring..... Using COLETTE, Threads and a newly found blog!

Hello there peeps..

Yes I keep Falling off the edge of the earth!! I seem to be DROWNING in the house at the min.. I think this is what happens when you decide to clear out the whole house... With hindsight I should have done 1 room at a time!!! Oh well we live and learn (We hope)

So whilst DROWNING I have had little No time for sewing loveliness! Which is a bit of a bugger if  you ask me BUT it means when I do get down to sewing I shall have no guilt.. And a much smaller to do list!!

I have a little sewing related task today though.... I am helping a lady Dee she is sending away for her wedding dress (you know, form china or somewhere via the internet) I totally don't agree with this BUT hey not my dress so who am I to complain!! I will be measuring said dress.. I will be using the ever helpful The COLETTE sewing handbook. Her Section on measuring is fantastic very in-depth, I only wish there was a chart (very lazy I know).

I am looking forward to getting a little sewing related stuff. Oh how I miss my machine BUT I will be wielding my measuring tape with glee.... I'm happy I'm helping Dee look PRETTY for her big day.... And as much as I want to get to sewing, I'm glad I'm not making the dress, That would be way to hectic!

I managed to find one great chart here, And The Sewing Directory found this, Did you know that The Sewing Directory has NEVER left a question unanswered for me.... And I would say countless others. If you don't know Fiona and her team I suggest you head on over they are FAB!!!

Anyways I'm off to meet Dee now!!


#amonthof ~ Pretty

18 January 2013

I have a overwhelming sense of being LATE!

Good morning peeps

So regular readers will know I'm studying. Garment Making and Accountancy & Manual Bookkeeping. I am loving the challenge this course is giving me BUT... I have just realized it's less than 3 weeks till exam number 1....


Suddenly I AM TERRIFIED!!!!!

Do I know everything??? Will I pass.... Oh PLEASE let me pass!!!

So this week is finishing of the last of the tasks as homework, Next week is all revision. The week after is MOCK EXAMS.... Then on the 7th of February, it's the real thing!

Wish me luck peeps..... Wish me luck!!


New Janome pinking shears... Ebony Marvels

Hello there.... 
So how is everyone on this FREEZING Friday??? I am feeling productive today... I have a blog post done and have just finished my sewing class (I managed to get all the drawstrings prep-ed and 2 sewn together) Going to get the rest done at the weekend...  I have been playing with my new toy tool today, the overlocker in my school is rather moody.

I am loving the NEW Janome Pinking Shears Santa bought me. I have been hankering over a pair forever, they can make light work of certain jobs. They are a good length and the handles are comfy, I also like that they are not to stiff, My last pair (I'm at a loss for the make) Were terrible they took a life time to loosen up and when they did they shredded all my fabrics... BAD SHEARS.... So after months of no shear action


Here are my new fave tool.

They cut like a dream, no shredding and not stiff..  Happy Traci indeed!

Do you see the fabric and cord..... This is the story sacks for the nursery.. Roll on the end of this project!

Happy Friday  to y'all!


16 January 2013

Early morning order....

Good Morning peeps

I have sewing class today, it's a place I was looking to do some me sewing BUT... The nursery has asked me to do a little more sewing, I don't mind MUCH..... It's story sacks, basically a drawstring bag in red with white thread (all very Christmasy) and the size of a pillow sips sized. I have made one already, and are looking for 8 more. It's time consuming, yes.... But I have to say there is the feel good factor. At the minute it has to be said my good deed factor, and my I WANT TO MAKE CLOTHES FOR ME factor are fighting with one another. So today I shall get as much of them done as I can in 2 hours... My sewing for me shall be prep-ed, I think little and often is my way to go for now!

I have been searching for a early photo for a few days, and this seemed to sum up my early mornings..

All our bags in a row.... 
Early order!!!
(I love my new bag, Santa Clause was good to me this year)  

#amonthof ~ Early

15 January 2013

Have you read......

Hey there, How was everyone's day? I had a very productive day.... I even got the socks paired! 

I wanted to share my latest book find, it is very inspiring indeed.

Via me

Above is all links to where to buy.

I have 5 faves..

James Tissot ~  The reception (Detail) 1878 Musee d'Orsay, Paris

I adore the ruffles in this painting paired with the massive bow shouts couture Now but Class back then!!

Second up is

Party costume By ~ Paul Poiret Photo: Mario Nunes Vais

This photo is lovely, I think the ladies top half looks amazing.. With a floor length empire skirt in layered chiffon.... Are you with me??? 

Next up is...

Culotte Dress Label: MADELEINE VIONNET DEPOSE 1937

Via Pintrest... (lost the link!!)

This dress is lush I love the lace over the skirt.. I have to say i'm not fussed on the top half, But you have to admit the skirts is stunning!

And what about a little

Pierre Cardin ~ PARIS A/W 1966. Plaid large turtle neck suit.

Via me!!

This suit is fab... I mean, in a tweed or wool mix I would wear it today, Love the over-sized collar. Yum!

And last but by no means least...

Vivienne Westwood ~ London A/W 1997

Via me!

Another collar to die for! It's just so much nicer than the go to lapel. It looks fab and has a function.. Keeping the wind out!

This book for me is a inspiring piece of wordy goodness... The write up is informative and short. A wee gem says me!


A part of  #amonthof ~ wordy

Abakhan Fabrics Haul!!!

Hello there peeps

So I have been saving this post for a few days, When I was over at Manchester I visited my "Aladdin's cave"...  Abakhan Fabrics, I Managed to get there whilst They had their sale on (up to 70% off) What a feast for the eyes people..

I picked up a few bargains....

I bought NO cotton... I always seem to gravitate towards cotton. It's no new years resolution BUT, I do need to get out of the habit!


Here is some faux leather... I have to say Pantone's colour of the year has me.... I love emerald green.

I love this too, It's black and grey.. Snake skin??

Both are going to be bags.... I was gifted a Craftsy class "Design your own handbag" And I have signed up for "The handbag making contest" over at Pattern review. The sign-up is the 15th January and the contents ends 16th February. Wish me luck!!

Now on to my next non cotton buy  buys!!

I wish I knew what this was called... The drape is fantastic on all of these. I want to say Georgette (whilst looking for the spelling of said word I found this)


This is a fab wee chart eh!! Good find I say.

Anyways on to the yummy fabric..

Isn't it divine... Can't wait to find the perfect patterns for these fabrics..

Watch this space!!

Well that's my for now I'm off to have a rummage of my patterns...

Happy Tuesday


#amonthof ~ Patterned

10 January 2013

Walking the line....

Since coming back me and the boys have been continuing with movie night, we have taken to having lovely long walks... We live beside the River Foyle in Derry Northern Ireland, there is a path that is perfect for catching the sunset...

This is my fave picture taken so far with my new camera...

It's very Poignant
I love the colours they are fab, but that's not it....
Look at the protective arm Finn has over Frazer.
It says a thousand words.

#amonthof ~ Poignant


Adapting to change....

Hello again.... 

I'm on a roll of my #amonthof

~ Quick is my next prompt....

They say children adapt easily.... I think I adapted over the Christmas break quicker than the boy's. I didn't want to leave Manchester!

(The above photo is Manchester's Town Hall)


I'm missing the holidays....

Hello again peep's, how are y'all?

Being back in Derry, back to routine, school, bedtimes, gym days, homework.... I could go on!!! But you get the drift. It has it's ups and downs to be honest. I took this photo the other morning, before I headed for my morning coffee. The boys were settled back in to school.....

The white stripe in the sky, made me think of the distance between my + 1. The white strip reminds me of the mark in the sky left by planes... 

#amonthof ~ Distance



So we're now well and truly into our New year... I have managed to do real well on the date front, I've not written 2012 instead of 2013 yet!!! 

The prompt Gathered #amonthof  is good for me right now.... I have gone from 



To this!!!!!

I'm glad I'm gathering order in the house, First the food! Then the mundane washing etc... It's nice to be away for the holidays. It means a good clear out for me, Oh and the fridge got a good clean out!


8 January 2013

How cool is this..... Forr the boys!!

Hello again peep's, I'm on a blogging roll ( I know you've heard me say that before sorry!!) But whilst the fingers are ready I may blog away (I just wish blogger would let me post photos!!!)
Whilst away, me and the boys were walking through the town centre near the Arndale centre,
We passed a guy doing a little showmanship... It turns out he is a Guinness world record holder, he holds the record for keepie uppies and much more....

The boys were so excited, Dan Magnss even took time at the end of his show to kick the ball for the boys. My boys were so very happy. I had to laugh at one point Dan through the ball as if for a dog and then hid the ball up the back of his t-shirt poor Frazer was searching for it for ages.. I had to let him in on the joke though the poor wee boy was searching and searching. he had a good giggle when he found it up his T-shirt though!
I shall get the photos up later on when blogger is talking to me again!

Oh Lush how I love you!!

Hello there peep's, how is your year going so far..
During the holidays I was back over in Manchester. They have a wealth of shopping over there... It's hectic, but a feast for the eyes. I was happy to see Lush over there. Living in Derry there i no Lush here, so I was so happy to have a nose around.
Look at the yummy colours... The boys thought they were sweeties!! They do smell good enough to eat to be honest.

I ended up buying a couple of bits, one, was a bath bomb (which I bought 2 of). It was for the back, the smell was divine and it was purple my fave colour. Second was a foot scrub.. I don't know how much your meant to use but, the lot was used and the outcome.... Lovely smooth feet defo reckon it's worth it if your looking to have a pamper session! And last but by no means least, the massage bar in a word "WOW" this is warming and light... I know this sounds like a total contradiction but hey that's how it felt. I have to say that Lush is a one stop shop for a pamper session. I will defo go back!!
I'm taking part of
Hope your liking the photos!!

Back to normailty you say.....

OK, after all the festivities.... I'm back, with a new camera and a thirst to learn all manners of sewing goodness. Can't wait to start sharing!
How was everyones Christmas & New Year? I have to say I ended 2012 and began 2013 in the happiest way I could with my family. I really had the very best Christmas... Being all together makes me feel complete.
Anyways, I have been doing a little New Year "gutting out"... Sorting through our DVD collection, Bob the builder is no longer a fave here.... I'm thinking Thomas The Tank Engine is now out of favour too. If they can't climb up walls, fly or turn green then the boys are all "Na mummy that's for babies". I'm hoping they feel the same about the toys upstairs and in the toy chest!!
I've done all the gutting I can bear today... Being a hoarder is hectic! It's so difficult to let go of all my trash treasures!!
As part of my #a month of  ~ sleepy
Over at Justb


1 January 2013

Well hello there 2013!!

Well, here we are
I am starting as I mean to go on... I will be challenging myself and brushing up on sewing tasks that I am new or intimidated by, First off

These are the culprits for today, A couch cushion cover & a work trouser zip.. Both defo needed repaired!

The thread was a little off, but I'm real close up it's not as noticeable when it's done up...

I reckon I done this with no tutorial and I'm pretty happy with it

I even remembered to move the zip.. Big pat on the back for me!!!


Here is the finished couch cushion cover.. A little squint at parts but all in all, it works looks grand. I am happy with my first sewing project of 2013..

Are you sewing, crocheting knitting or just preping for a project?? Do share!!


Here's a little sugar....

Finn and Frazer were introduced to the world of Lego, Here is one of Finn's creations!! He loved knowing I was going to share with you... I'm sure this will NOT be the last creation from Finn.. Ever the proud mummy is me!!


Ps I'm taking part in #amonthof ~ Brand new

But it will be way more relaxed than last month, and be all about my brand new camera!!