29 November 2010

My internet rummaging

So I have been surfing of late looking at tutorials and things thought I would share the wealth!!

graphics hunt

This lady is a fab for all things on sale in the world of patterns .. Well worth a good read!!

Stephanie, from the crimson owl has a fab and easy tutorial for jazzing up a t-shirt!!

This lady can make any knitwear look fab... Upcycle ain't the word!!

Alisa has a fab petticoat tutorial I love it, she is also a whiz at upcycling!!

This is such a ace tutorial, why not make your own scarf over at Living with the punks!!

The ever talented Suzannah have a easy top embellishment!!

She's a lady indeed, spruce up that old cardi for the party season, more tutorials here!!

And last but by no means, how about this lush bag!!

Hope you like the links

And y'all had a good Monday


Aaahhhh there you are!!!!

So yes I have been a bad blogger!!!!!
It has been 14 days since my last post...

A lot has happened....
My best friend came over for a visit,
I finished true blood S2,
I got my teeth fixed,
I had my hair cut,
And I turned 30.

This is me with straight hair!!!
I had the best birthday ever, and was spoilt rotten, knitted scarf and hat from my granny, new boots, new jacket and so much more from the my family and friends.....

All-in-all, I have been a happy and busy lady of late.....
I have more news, but I shall spill the beans on that later!


15 November 2010

Kerrie's giveaway....

Hey hey how is every one today?!?!? I have had a good day with the boys, And the dentist! But that is for my next post! This post is all about the lovely and ever talented

Kerrie Curzon Creations

Kerrie is mega talented between her super cute puffy pants,
her commission work, pattern cutting and her appearances in the ever loved sew hip, How can you not look at this lady and say go you missy!!

Well Kerrie is having the best giveaway, 50 yes I said 50 sewing patterns... there are a few crackers in there... and all you have to do is put a comment under the photo of the pattern you like saying why you would love it and who you'd make it for!! I personally love way more than I've entered for but hey share the the vintage loveliness I say!! Here's a wee teaser of whats on offer..... just to wet your appetite

I think this one is lovely, such a good cut and with the right fabric, would be a defo knock out!!

Fancy making something for the man of the house?!?!?
This jacket has never and will never lose it's place in the wardrobe as it's a wear with anything number!

This is such a cute and simple dress, needs that little bit of length but thats no problem at all, if I had a wee girl I'd be on this one!!

And one for the wee man in your life huh this is super cute, I can see it in robot or train fabric!!

And this well this is every 50's followers dream I say, I adore this dress... it could be in polka-dot or floral nearly any cotton would do this justice and to be out and about in a vintage pattern... It makes my wee heart flutter!!

Just think there's another 45 yummy pattern for you too see...

So how does Kerri's giveaway work well here's the
to her facebook go on ahead and have a look at her photos and just comment bellow
***This giveaway is open to UK residents only.***

Good Luck everyone


14 November 2010

Blogtoberfest Jet-lag recovery!!!

Well hello way over there...

So yes I have been MIA for 2 weeks shame on me!
I seem to have been suffering from Blogtoberfest jet-lag!!!
To say I was exhausted is a understatement!!
But I think the mojo may just have been found, with the aid of the lovely Michelle from midge & judy.

I recently took part in The Great Stocking Swap 2010 over @ Selinas.
I had great fun with this as I got a friend for my partner :o) And the stocking I got back well you can judge for yourself!!

I can only say a massive thanx to Michelle, I mean the work that went in to this stocking.... I love it thanx so much....

Not only that but look at my wee boys faces when they opened their pressies..You hit the nail on the head, I mean look at them well chuffed!!! A woman after my own heart...To make me smile with a stocking then make my boys happy too... Gush Gush Gush....
I could not have asked for a better partner!!

I am hoping that my mojo hang around and the kids give me a little time....!