6 September 2011

Crochet and so much more!!!

Well hello there peeps, yes I am still alive and plodding along....

Me and the boys are doing good, Finn is loving nursery and I have to say he's too cute in his wee uniform (photos to follow) He has settled in no bother no crying and tells me he will see us later and to have a coffee!!! couldn't ask for better!

I have been crocheting a hexagon blanket to keep my concentration up (photos to come), and it is working wonders, a girl gave me the wool and told me to create!! The pattern is over at attic24, I reckon if you wanna learn how to join colours and to bobble stitch, this pattern is a given!! And free!!

I have started a wee dress for my friend laura... She has just had a wee girl and called her Faye, I don't think I have seen a sweeter little girl! The dress is all polka-dots and ruffles. the pattern was half price from simplicity, and the dress is all made from stash busting!! Happy happy! I have also started a conveyer belt of teddies in waist coats which is also helping with the old stash busting!! I hope to have used up alot more fabric before I head on home...

Well I hope you are all keeping well, I am off to go do some drawing with the boys and maybe even a little baking!!!


28 July 2011

will resume transmittion soon

Hi there folks

So sorry for the lack of posts...... I have had a crazy couple of months.

I shall be back up and running by the middle of September, I have heaps of photos to share.... I can't wait to get my vurtual diary up and running again!!

I hope everyone is keeping well.


3 May 2011

Cocktails and a good friend too...

Well hello there, how have you all been?
I've been well.

Me and my friend Pauline got a wee night out, the cinema to see Arthur after a few drinks, then off to get some food in Karma I had salt and chili prawns... Yummy yummy. Cooking classes at accredited online colleges have excellent recipes for chili prawns you may want to give a go!

After our yummy dinner we had a few cocktails...
It was so nice to just be us, and not worry about the kids.
We had such a good night we were able to get out a wee boogie in too!

Here's good friends & getting the time to spend with them!


25 April 2011

Our Easter 2011

So how did everyone's Easter go??
We had a fantastic day, We had our dinner cooked for us...


After dinner came the Hunt!!!!!

The boys had a a ball, I really enjoyed watching them.....

I also got a couple of my fave eggs too, I just love the bells & now have 2 more to add to my collection!

Frazer all tuckered out with a belly full of chocolate.....

.... In front of a lovely fire

To end the day ELIZABETH was on the telly

I love the shoulders in this dress......

And this collar well it is just ace, if only we could wear it in this day and age huh!!!

I hope you had a


24 April 2011

Park fun with friends

Well how is everyone's Easter going?

I have a pre-Easter post for you, as the boys have their hunt after their tea.... I like to think they have a belly full of proper food first, before all the chocolate good-ness!

Me and my friend took advantage of the good day (a few days ago now!) And took the boys to the park....

This is Pauline with her youngest Liam, a wee cutie indeed...

And our boys on the round about..... Jo-jo and Frazer are so close in height, I hadn't noticed before!!

This is us on the walk home... Finn looks so lost in thought I love it

I shall be back later with tales scrummy dinner & chocolate hunting fun..... Might even have a little more of a sewing room floor wish me luck!!!!

23 April 2011

More food and some Easter prep!!

Hello there peep's and a very happy Saturday to you...

It has been another glorious sunny day here, minus the rain so even better than yesterday! I have had a day of catching up on stuff you know washing, dishes etc.... But I managed to get a little Easter prep in with the boys. I am soooo looking forward to having our first hunt tomorrow, what fun it is making your own traditions eh!!

....... Yummy!!!!

And on another note....

Here is the finished Chorizo & lemon thyme AKA Fougasse...
It was very yummy indeed!!


22 April 2011

Bad blogger yes I am... Oh & food food food!!!

So I have been a bad blogger of late... Yes I have.

Life has been a roller coaster at here at chez Traci, but that is for another post. Today is all about food glorious food, I recently bought Lorraine Pascale's recipe book....


And I have to agree with her time... Yeah the bread takes a-lot of kneading, but hey if it's worth doing s worth doing well I say.

The good thing about this book is it's not all cakes which you find with lots of baking books this has cakes, breads, pies, and I have only made a few things... I have to say if you like cooking this book is a good book to have on the shelve.... Just want to say also this is not a sponsored post just little old me saying it's a good book!! This book is in fact recommended by pastry schools!

Here is the focaccia bread..

The dinner table of glam mac & cheese....

The close up of the mac & cheese...

Chicken & thyme short crust pie...

Served with stuffed mushrooms

And now the addiction to baking continues with this Fougasse... AKA Chorizo and thyme bread! it is just coming out of the oven so I think I shall be off now!!

I have lots of photos to upload so shall be back tonight or tomorrow


8 April 2011

Family tree Building....

I have a exciting post for you today...
Well exciting for me anyways, I had looked into doing my family tree in 2009, and it turns out a second cousin had already started it, That being said it was my family as I know oh so many people in the tree, but it was all coming going through the route of my Granny Mattie and her ancestors. I do love that I have a substantial head start, and it is very interesting to see where my Granny Mattie comes from, being mostly Portobello Edinburgh & Ayrshire Scotland, BUT I have definitely been bitten by the bug.

I have always known my Biological fathers name and have recently found out his D.O.B So after a little searching, I have managed to find is his birth certificate, this is now on it's way to me, I am super excited.... He's from Musselburgh Edinburgh, and I have even found out his parents names and they were married there too.

On my mums side I have more Portobello Edinburgh from my Biological grandfather & great grandmother.... But have to do some more research...

I am currently reading

Scottish Genealogy ~ Bruce Durie

@ home with your ancestors.com ~ Diane Marelli

Well I have no doubt I shall keep you informed.

Have a fantastic day


7 April 2011

Park time!!

Hi there
So how is every one? We have been good this end.... The weather has been a little Crazy to say the least. But amoungst all the heavy showers in the last week there has been real sunshine, much to my joy, walking has begun..... Me and my friend Pauline took our boys to St Columbs park ....

It was just so lovely to be able to take the boys for a wee adventure, it's been so long! I really think that this park is one of the prettiest in Derry. There are fun play parks for all ages, a leisure centre for community sports, a hotel/conference centre and the park itself massive so it's great for a good walk, Finn loves to throw stones in the stream. I think there will be more photos for me to share, through the coming months!


1 April 2011

Shopping in Mandors Edinburgh

So whilst in Edinburgh for my brief visit, I managed to get a little fabric shopping done.... I went to Mandors which is pricey enough, but you get what you pay for I say!

I love the under construction fabric, I think it will be brilliant for little tote bags for the boys, and a little quilting too! The black and white graffiti fabric is a heavier cotton, it was a remnant and I'm not sure on it's purpose yet, but it has the cogs turning for sure! As for the tartan bundles, I just couldn't walk past them.... Just shows you how long I've not been home for huh!! I'm a tourist!!

This fabric was a total bargain at £5 a meter.... I love it, reminds me so much of home nostalgia is a strong incentive to buy fabric for me it would appear! I think this will be a crochet hook roll...

I know we should be nearing summer-ish weather soon, but both my boys are Harold the helicopter & Jeremy the jet plane mad, so this fabric will be put to great use at some point. As for my already coveted dolls.... I LOVE them I will be making the perfect tank top.

Till the next post have a great day


31 March 2011

Gardening has commenced!

Hello there peeps
I have to say it feels like forever since I last wrote, I had lost my blogging mojo.... But it appears I have found it again!! I am oh so glad to I do love a good old blah blah blah to myself!

We have been buying and planting seeds for the coming summer.... When it decides it's coming that is! There have been a few nice days, I am looking forward to a few more though!

Me and the boys got out strawberries planted along with our herbs (the basil didn't last long the birds ate it the buggers!) We also have garlic and last but not least our peppers and tomatoes are beginning to sprout too. I fell like I have been missing out on all the gardening fun, for all this time.... That being said the boys very much enjoy watering so it might just have come at the very right time!

My friend also gave me a over grown pot of Aloe vera and I managed to get 13 plants out of it! I can't believe that there were so many in one pot! I hope they thrive in their new pots!! They would make lovely wee gifts for Easter with a poem too. Pauline also gave me a few cuttings from her money tree... I hope they sprout too!

I shall keep you posted on my green fingered escapades!!

A granny update.... My Granny Mattie seems OK ,I have been calling nearly everyday, just to say hi. Thanx for all your lovely comments they were greatly appreciated really they were xx


21 March 2011

A quick visit home- A sad post sorry.

I have a rather heavy post today.... Better out than in they say.
So please be aware before you read.
I have been off on a visit home to Scotland-Edinburgh.

I had called my much loved Granny Mattie on her house phone last week with no answer, which I found odd. So I tried her mobile to have my mother answer.... I knew something was wrong -1 my Mum should be at work, -2 why was she answering Granny Matties phone....

My granny Mattie has had open heart surgery before, so I was beyond worried. It had turned out my Granny Mattie had taken another heart attack, but to my relief not half as bad as before, she has had a stent which is a small balloon inserted in to her artery (beside her heart) as it had collapsed, she seems to be on the mend now. I love my granny, more than most things in the world and am full of relief.

So this is my picture of us just last Thursday Paddy's day to be precise.
My granny is my rock always has been and always will be.
I only hope that one day I can be the woman she has become, a inspiration, a person who is such a source consistency, a shoulder to cry on, who will be there and never judge, and also give you that stern word when required... I could go on and on but I have a tear in my eye!

If you have a candle or any wee blessing.... And feel the urge, it would be very much appreciated as she is a woman worth her weight in gold. And I want her to be in tip top form ASAP... As she put it "it's not my time dear I have too much to do"


Whilst over with my Granny I found out my Grandad has Prostate cancer, I have not looked into it as I am full of fear for them both, they are companions and have to think the very best thoughts. Cancer has played a big role in my life, after my dad passed at the age of 46 with terminal cancer I have found it very hard to come to terms with his loss he was my best friend, the thought of losing someone else, well to put it bluntly brings me to my knees with a heavy heart....

I apologize for the heavy post really I do, but this is a type of free therapy I suppose better out than in they say....

On a happier note
I made my granny a rad doll a long time ago....

And here she is right above her bed, it makes me proud
Warms me cockles you might say.


12 March 2011

Summer jacket found :)

I have been scouring the rails for a fab summer jacket, but alas the thrifting has thrown me a blank... So far anyways. I seen this pattern through, a giveaway over at the Sewing Directory and fell in love, the fabric well.... I had a meter already, so went mission hall to get some more, much to my surprise there was enough left for my jacket!

So what do you think??
Do you like it??
What about the fabric??
It's not so summery BUT it is lovely?!?


11 March 2011

Drum roll.... And the winners are.....

Hello old followers and new!!!!

Thanx so much for taking part in my


I have enjoyed the re-using/giving!!!

So without further adieu

The winners are


Please message me your address



I'm off to email you all now :)
If I get all your addresses by tomorrow I shall have your wins in the post


5 March 2011

Rummaging again!!

Well hello there
How is everyone?
I have had a fairly relaxing day today, me and the boys were out for a walk, as it was nice again. How happy are we that the sun is eventually rearing it's happy face?!? I managed to actually remember quite a few things on my list today... Well done I hear you say eh!! It was quite a feat for me as I forgot the bloody list running out the door!!! So I now have a printer with ink, which is most helpful! And I can now burn all the boys movies..... Again so glad I save their movies on the computer, they always scratch the discs!!

Anyways enough of the jibber jabber!!!!!

I have always been a thrifter but with Flea market finds I feel like I can share the excitement sad I know but it's the little things.... Plus kids do that to you. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I have been still been shopping away but I have not been able to photograph much lately you know life and laundry and all that jazz!!!!

I found this dress just a couple of days ago..... I love it the style really suits me too. It's River Island but I got it for £3!

This is a Primark number that is begging to be altered. I am going to take the elastic waist out and make it a fitted LBD any suggestions?? Should it have buttons? A belt? Mr Phew thinks it looks like a nun's dress!!!

It is defo the lace that gets me for sure!!
That and the £1.50 price tag!

Now the 3 items in this photo were all in the same shop and cost just £6.
The skirt is just too cute really it is, the pattern is so simple too.
The Cardi has me written all over it I love stripes and gray seems to be a trend!!
The bag needs a better lining as it's basically plastic but I have some china silk in my stash...

It has summer time written all over it...
Fancy spotting other rummagers then head on over to Sophie's