8 April 2011

Family tree Building....

I have a exciting post for you today...
Well exciting for me anyways, I had looked into doing my family tree in 2009, and it turns out a second cousin had already started it, That being said it was my family as I know oh so many people in the tree, but it was all coming going through the route of my Granny Mattie and her ancestors. I do love that I have a substantial head start, and it is very interesting to see where my Granny Mattie comes from, being mostly Portobello Edinburgh & Ayrshire Scotland, BUT I have definitely been bitten by the bug.

I have always known my Biological fathers name and have recently found out his D.O.B So after a little searching, I have managed to find is his birth certificate, this is now on it's way to me, I am super excited.... He's from Musselburgh Edinburgh, and I have even found out his parents names and they were married there too.

On my mums side I have more Portobello Edinburgh from my Biological grandfather & great grandmother.... But have to do some more research...

I am currently reading

Scottish Genealogy ~ Bruce Durie

@ home with your ancestors.com ~ Diane Marelli

Well I have no doubt I shall keep you informed.

Have a fantastic day



  1. I am doing that now as well....it is so much fun to find out about our ancestors

  2. Be warned - genealogy is highly addictive stuff!! I've been working on mine and my husband's family trees for about 10 years now (having been lucky enough that my parents had done a fair amount of work). It's just amazing what you can find out!!

  3. Mr T and I are also going this at the moment and I have found my first black sheep. So funny.


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