24 April 2011

Park fun with friends

Well how is everyone's Easter going?

I have a pre-Easter post for you, as the boys have their hunt after their tea.... I like to think they have a belly full of proper food first, before all the chocolate good-ness!

Me and my friend took advantage of the good day (a few days ago now!) And took the boys to the park....

This is Pauline with her youngest Liam, a wee cutie indeed...

And our boys on the round about..... Jo-jo and Frazer are so close in height, I hadn't noticed before!!

This is us on the walk home... Finn looks so lost in thought I love it

I shall be back later with tales scrummy dinner & chocolate hunting fun..... Might even have a little more of a sewing room floor wish me luck!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your egg hunt :)

    Your boys are growing really fast - looking very grown up now.


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