26 June 2012

ME.... In SEW Magazine!!!!

Yes yes I'm procrastinating!!!

But in my defense.... This is some great news!!!

I was contacted last month from the editor at SEW Magazine, about a email of the child's skirt I sent in. I was told I may be in the issue....



And here it is close up....
I am super happy. I know it's only a 1/8 of a page but to see my wee skirt and name in a magazine... It makes me quite the happy bunny!!


On to other news...

Sewing Seams For 15 #2 is on it's way.... Here's a wee teaser!! Such a lovely fabric can't wait to show you what I'm up to!!

Till the next post...



Little of this and a little of that!!

 Hello there peeps

It's been a few days since my last post... It's been busy over here at chez Traci :D 
The house is very nearly sorted.... Have to say I have had a mixed bag of emotions. I love the house but it's a little strange, Getting used to being on my own after the boys are away to bed, is going to take some getting used to. It's all evolution i suppose!
I have to say the new fire is definitely helping..
Do you have any ideas on how to decorate?? I want to get a little handmade loveliness going on but have hit a creative wall!!   

 I spent the other night doing a few more crochet flowers for my friend, she gave me some ends and asked for embellishments, she's a knitter and loves these!!!!
 We had a great day on the way to school the other day...
 Finn just couldn't wait to get home to get his superman costume on!! Look at him I'm sure he's gonna break hearts!!! :) Love you Finn :)

I hope you are all keeping well.... And are having better weather than we are here in dreary Derry.... So much rain and grey skies. 


17 June 2012

Sewing is to resume!!

Hello there peeps
It has been a busy weekend over here at chez Traci... With all the unpacking and finding places for things!! I am very nearly there.... It is no easy task. I hope I'll have a lovely organized home by next week :)

All that being said, I do have moderate order. I have found a project that had been lying around for some time... I have decided this will be my first project!

 This is Amy Butlers Hooded Raincoat, it can be made in 4 lengths. I'm making it mid thigh, I love things with hoods...

This is from my stash, it's been in the stash FOREVER!!! I think it was meant for this pattern if I remember rightly. It is a michael miller quilting cotton called  ZEPHR... I love it! It may be seen as more of a winter fabric but I'm still gonna run with it!

Anyways that's all for today, I shall be cutting out the pattern tonight and keeping you posted!


14 June 2012

Rainy day fun with Abakhan Fabrics

Well hello there again!!!
I told you I had another post lined up :) 
It was another 4 seasons in one day over here in Derry. So, me and the boys got on with some rainy day fun, Thanx to my lovely sponsors over at Abakhan Fabrics, 
I was sent over a cool wee soft toy kit (Which is now sold out!!)

 This was a monster making kit, The boys loved it... So age appropriate.. And came with everything needed to make it. It was all sticky bits and Velcro!!

 Look at the concentration on my wee boy!!

 Frazer loved getting involved!

 And  look at that for a TA-DA moment!!

 With the obligatory "fake smiles" shot!

The boys are still playing with their handmade toys, as you can see Finn is very chuffed!!

Abakhan Fabrics has a whole section on Kids crafts...

I will be getting a couple more rainy day activities for the craft box at this end .... 
Here are a few of my faves

There's something for every wallet there, I especially like the books... On first look they seem expensive BUT there are so many things to do in them, they are well worth it... I can't wait to get all nature like with the boys!! Not only do you get to do cost effective crafts with the kids, you have to find stones sticks and many other things that need to be searched for!!! A treasure hunt no less!!!

I hope you've enjoyed my wee write up, as much as I have enjoyed writing it!!

If you have any special requests then let me know in the comments

As ever thanx so stopping by.


I'm back & Finn's winning!!

Hello there, 
So it's been a few days since my last post... I now have a working computer, I am oh so happy! Everything seems to be back in place for me to get on with my crafty happiness.... Well I say that I still haven't  managed to gain a sewing room but, it's a work in progress!! I shall be getting the sewing room in order before I let myself get caught up in any other activities... Such as sewing or blogging.... Too much!! LOL

As for Finn's winning - We had out first ever sports day over at chez Traci.. I am such a proud mummy!! He did so well, a little too excitable for my liking, but to be honest it does mean he's like that all the time not just at home!!  There were bike rides, egg & spoon races, racing games and bunny hopping games.. What a wee star he was... Like I say super proud.

I hope your all keeping well... I shall be doing a wee write up in my next post let me know what you think!!!

Happy Thursday to y'all


6 June 2012

They say it comes in 3's

Hey there peeps...

I have been missing in action again... They say it comes in 3's

1- My camera broke..
2- my sewing machine died..
3 My laptop is unhappy~ the kids spilt a glass of water on it

All in all things are at a stand still...

I still have hope for my laptop... I have to back everything up, and go for a full recovery then see what happens. I have managed to pick up a second hand 14mp camera for £35! So thats a plus and last but not least a dear long distance friend is sending me her spare sewing machine!!!!

I shall not be out of action for long!

And when I do get back I can regail you over my adventures of moving house... And attempting to downsize the sewingroom!! LOL It's no easy task for a fabric and notion hoarder!!!

Hope everyone is keeping well

Does anyone have any happifiying words of wisdom?!?!?!?

I'd love to see them in the comments!!

Take care