26 June 2012

Little of this and a little of that!!

 Hello there peeps

It's been a few days since my last post... It's been busy over here at chez Traci :D 
The house is very nearly sorted.... Have to say I have had a mixed bag of emotions. I love the house but it's a little strange, Getting used to being on my own after the boys are away to bed, is going to take some getting used to. It's all evolution i suppose!
I have to say the new fire is definitely helping..
Do you have any ideas on how to decorate?? I want to get a little handmade loveliness going on but have hit a creative wall!!   

 I spent the other night doing a few more crochet flowers for my friend, she gave me some ends and asked for embellishments, she's a knitter and loves these!!!!
 We had a great day on the way to school the other day...
 Finn just couldn't wait to get home to get his superman costume on!! Look at him I'm sure he's gonna break hearts!!! :) Love you Finn :)

I hope you are all keeping well.... And are having better weather than we are here in dreary Derry.... So much rain and grey skies. 


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