17 June 2012

Sewing is to resume!!

Hello there peeps
It has been a busy weekend over here at chez Traci... With all the unpacking and finding places for things!! I am very nearly there.... It is no easy task. I hope I'll have a lovely organized home by next week :)

All that being said, I do have moderate order. I have found a project that had been lying around for some time... I have decided this will be my first project!

 This is Amy Butlers Hooded Raincoat, it can be made in 4 lengths. I'm making it mid thigh, I love things with hoods...

This is from my stash, it's been in the stash FOREVER!!! I think it was meant for this pattern if I remember rightly. It is a michael miller quilting cotton called  ZEPHR... I love it! It may be seen as more of a winter fabric but I'm still gonna run with it!

Anyways that's all for today, I shall be cutting out the pattern tonight and keeping you posted!



  1. Glad you are getting settled in, it's always such a busy stressful time! I love that pattern, and the fabric you have picked will make a great coat, can't wait to see it finished. xx

    1. Thanx Kandi, Yeah it's been hectic... Just glad I can see a vauge end to it soon!! If in doubt sew I say!!! xxx

  2. i cant wait to see ur coat :) i love amy butler and i love coats with hoods too! goody!

    1. Hello Bijou :D I have the pattern cut just have to pre-wash my fabric!! I love a good hood, there are not enough around!! x


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