31 December 2010

The long awaited NEWS.

So my dearest readers.....
Do you remember I mentioned I would have news?

Well..... Little old me Got.....


I am oh so happy...
Mr Phew is never mentioned much around here, as this is not his bag but today....
I love you my Mr Phew!!!!


Our wee Xmas

Well hello there, and welcome to our wee Xmas!!!

I went for a wander and cut some greenery, for centre piece which I thought turned out ace! I even managed to sort out the sewing cabinet at the back there, and make it festive like!!

For dinner we had lamb.... with this marinade YUMMY.... I will defo be having it again!!

Frazer had no problem with it either!!!
How cute is he in his wee hat!!!

I loved our Xmas morning, it was filled with bubbles and laughter...

And of course the we had to have the part of the day, when the boys had lots of fun with the box!!!

I was truly spoilt and got a go cutter, I really can't wait to get all the festivities done and dusted... I do enjoy them, a-lot but a GO cutter!! roll on normal routine says me!!!

So how was everyone Christmases???

I hope they were filled with happiness and family


20 December 2010

Rummaging backdated.... & Frazer update too.

Well hello there hows everyone keeping on this snowy white Monday morning! I have the heating up, a cup of coffee in hand and a wee boy, Finn downstairs watching Bolt Yes at 5am! He is still having bad dreams about bees... Nothing a cup of milk, a hug and a good movie won't fix.

So it's all in the title! I have been very busy of late and have been merrily thrifting away, but alas no time to tell you all about it.... You see every 5am cloud has a silver lining! I can now share my fabby finds!

I was gonna save this one till last but I just can't! All of these yummy vintage finds were in one shop and on the same day SCORE!! A 3rd edition of The Great Escape, which i have not read but will be very soon, the friendship book is from 1955! I got another one which was 1979 I gave it to my friend Pauline as it is the year she was born and she loved it! The 2 books above are Phineas Finn it's a 2 part-er and I got both! I had to buy it, even though I had never heard of it, as well it's Finn's name and both books were there! The next book I found was Anyone Can Bake, the pics are so lovely a charming book for sure! And I saved the best book till last.... The Book Of Good Housekeeping, this book is like gold for me, I love it and shall no doubt share some more of this with you at a later date, as it really is a gem! I also got a Tchaikovsky record and some stunning doilies too! This really was a great trip out!

I had to show you a close up of this one, it really is stunning work! I might try to get a pattern made up!

I have recently been on a path of curiosity with cross stitch... I know that I will be a embroidery girl but, I love to dabble and to have the skill well... It can't be bad, it is a thing I have dipped my toe into in earlier years... I think it will be a good craft to have in my hand bag! The book on kids makes looks great, it has tents and all manners of fun things to do with the boys.

Now these are some quality goods, these were all in a bundle for £2, although the front books are or use with a knitting machine, I love the wee problem page and tips for Dining etc a real slice of 1957!

Now this lovely bundle is a thrifty bundle sent over from Scotland.... It's from my much loved granny Mattie.... How ace is she huh!! I really can't wait till next year I plan on getting over to see her and spending some quality time together... she is such a big part of my life. I love her to the end of the earth!
PS the apron was a buy of mines I plan on up-cycling it for our Christmas cook!

This is just a really big thanx to all who left such lovely comments on yesterdays post, they were all read and I am very thankful that you all care so much, so from the heart over her in northern Ireland me and my boys say a massive thanx for thinking of us.
Frazer is a little off form still but to be expected after his wee ordeal. fingers crossed he feels more his normal self soon


18 December 2010

Be thankful for all you have... And hold it tight.

Where do I begin,
Frazer my youngest, has been iffy for the last few days, I thought he was just teething. But then he developed a terrible temperature... I dosed him up with calpol. But my wee was still very uncomfortable, I called the out of hours doctors, but could only give me a appointment for 2am, by then Finn my oldest, was asleep and Frazer was doing a little better, I felt I could wait till the next day to see how he was then.....

So after a rather tearful morning for my wee guy, I called the doctor and got a emergency appointment and managed to get one for early that afternoon.... The doctor took us in early as Frazer was very upset by this point, and I had chose to wait in the hall as to not annoy anyone in the waiting room. Our doctor done all the usual checks ears, nose throat and chest... But nothing came up to cause concern, the doctor looked as puzzled as me, I thought we would get up there, and get a anti-biotic and come home.

He proceeded to tell me that, Frazer was worryingly upset and that he felt I should go to the hospital.... He called a ambulance, and started to look for a rash checking his heart rate regularly and his temperature which went from 39-34-39 within 15 mins. I was asked to find someone to look after Finn whilst we were at the hospital. The doctor made me aware that with Meningitis, the rash could be one of the last symptoms.... I was having palpitations by this time as I was terrified I was going to loose my wee boy.

The ambulance arrived in no time, and with the atrocious weather we are having I never managed to get a sitter for Finn. Frazer passed out in the ambulance... We were then led to the childrens ward and quickly seen, I had to have Finn taken at this point, as he was becoming scared as Frazer had been roused, we were preparing to take his bloods & blood pressure. If you have ever had the misfortune of having to take your baby (Frazer is only 23months old) blood for tests, it really is one of the most horrific things to do, as he is scared, screaming, wondering what is going on and gripping on to you for dear life... We managed to get blood from the second location, which is very good and they gave him a anti-biotic intravenously at this point too. I was then given a room, for me and the boys to go too with a cot a bed and lots of toys.

I feel that someone must have been looking down on me and gave up a helping hand... I was terrified, as I thought I was going to lose my wee boy, I have never been as scared as i was waiting for the results. They all came back negative as well as the urine tests. It turns out that Frazer had a acute viral infection which induced the the temperature and the extreme pain he was going through, as it caused his skin to be and any physical contact to be near excruciating....

I have never felt so lucky, because he doesn't have meningitis and he is on the mend now and with the help of the doctors, the hospital staff and the ambulance men who arrived in fantastic time(due to the weather conditions I was surprised) They were able to diagnose him and ensure he was OK. Also you know who your friends are, My friend Pauline has a 4x4 she came and picked us up from the hospital, I have never been so pleased to see a friendly face, I broke down on her as soon as I seen her at the door. Pauline took us all to her home for a cuppa and a shoulder to cry on, she also made us all something to eat then gave me a glass of wine to calm my nerves. Her actions will never be forgotten, a real friend.

So like the title says

Also for your information....
Meningitis UK

This is a fantastic site which all mothers should see, Knowledge is the key ladies... It's not just a rash you have to look out for... And even though Frazer dose not have Meningitis the acute viral infection meant Frazer had 7 of the symptoms.

Sorry for the heavy post, but I think it's my way of processing the last couple of days. To say they have been emotionally straining is very much a understatement.


14 December 2010

Gertie's coat sew-along.... Still!!

Hello well I have lasted till now on caffeine.... Fingers crossed I make it till tonight.... What on earth is she talking about? My last post explains all!

I managed to get photos of my jacket for the sew-along Gertie was doing a while ago.... I have been as ever caught up, in my own little circle of life and laundry! I made the coat with a old curtain material as my muslin. Please ignore the strip of white fabric I cut it the wrong way!

I am happy with 95% of it ---BUT--- Yes you knew the 5% would be mentioned

It's the button whole, it's a 2-3 inches out....And now I need to alter it. It really does fit everywhere else like a glove!!
*Do I take in the princess seam??
*Do I just move the button hole??
*I thought about taking the excess of at the front but that would ruin the lapels!

This is a help me post for the ever talented Gertie
Do you have tip's?
Do you have a post on this??
Could you link me a post you have on this??
I would love to make a start on my REAL coat!!


2010 Advent Blog~a~long #7

So..... Here I am I've been up since 5 am, and not through choice!!
Yes the youngest is teething..... Can you tell?????

I would have to say NO!!
I mean look at the wee brute now! Running around having a good old laugh to himself! Amazing what the blessed calpol can do huh!

Well if anything, I have manage to got my chutney and cranberry sauce tubs decorated,

What do you think??
I am happy with them, could have done better bows, but hey it's very early!

Today me and the boys will be going to see Santa Clause, my friend will be picking us up, and I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm sure I'll share that later on. It turns out I still have say 30 mins of tidy time so I might get the hall done now... Aided with a Starbucks Christmas blend coffee!

Do you have fab plans today??


13 December 2010

Geminid meteor shower tonight -- best shower of the year

I seen this and thought I'd share....

A Geminid fireball explodes over the Mojave Desert, Calif. on Dec. 13, 2009. (Wally Pacholka/AstroPics.com/AP)

there is a write up here...... and here
But basically there is meant to be a shower tonight, that beats the rest of 2010, it is all warming up for the total lunar eclipse on the 20th December.

I reckon it'll be worth a wee look out the window tonight!!


2010 Advent Blog~a~long #6

Well hello there, how is everyone? I hope you are all filled with festiveness! I can say I most certainly am, between the cards arriving in the post and all and the Christmas Carols in the in the shopping centers... I love how the boys have brought the magic back!

Today has been great, I got a wee run round town, my friend Pauline came for a quick coffee and last but most certainly not least.......

I got my cranberry sauce finished.

Also I got my undelivered mail and it was my secret Santa gift.... I am bursting to open it, but I love a surprise, so have put it under the tree!

I was playing around with the camera again... Think I might just be getting the hang of it! Either that or my boys are just too cute!! (sorry gush gush!!!)

So to the end of a rather ace day..... Cheers.... (I say with my cup of coffee, which I hope will aid me in my tidy up needed in the hall! wish me luck!)


10 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #5

So today has been filled with washing, drying & a lot of ironing..... And I mean a lot! I am Oh so glad to see the end of it for today! I am also glad the electrician came and fixed the blessed dishwasher..... Yes the hippie in me hated it, but yes time is short in child rearing, and if a machine can do a job, then I'll be paying the electric to aid it!

So with my gained time I got my chutney done, and there is a little more than expected so ALL my friends really will be getting chutney!!

I have to say the boys were very quite....
While I was making this lovely chutney.....

It turns out the wee devils, had every jacket, shall & housecoat in the house on the floor to
play hide & seek!

And I had to add this one as Frazer is just too cute!

So what have you guys been up to today?


8 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #4

Today has been a very successful day, we ventured out (in a taxi) to my local shopping center, I managed to pic up some tubs, for a boxing day chutney & a cranberry sauce I will be making tomorrow. I reckon, that they are going to be a fab extra gift for all my friends this year. I'll see how they go down and I might do a chutney every year! Handmade stockings and chutney for everyone I say!!

Before we headed out I got the boys wrapped up and had a bit of fun in the snow, and some drain sorting, as they were very blocked.... Check out all that ice!!

Also I got the opportunity to have a quick photography moment... I love the pictures I got they look ace!

All-in-all I very much enjoyed my day of prep-ing, playing & relaxing... And find it very Happifiying that all 3 can be done in the same day.

Hope you all had fab days


7 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #3

So it was another day filled with the white stuff, and is still as I type this post falling!

My street got a visit from the snow plow today and even got a bit of grit!
I have to say I was super excited, as I was able to get down to the shops!
I wasn't lying about needing the bread and milk yesterday.... It was quite a hike back up and the drivers were a mixed bag, some were very nice others were just plain rude. I mean I was pushing a double buggy, let me tell you it ain't a easy task in this weather!

Before we headed out, I got the boys to work on the Christmas cards...
I love letting them get all arty, think I might keep one for my memory box.
Very chuffed with them... and what little mess they made!!

how are your preps going ??


6 December 2010

Snowy sunset

That's all I can say...

Yes it's cold, I can't walk with my buggy, I have no bread!
I mean there is more than enough of other supplies,
And a sunset like that.... Well here in the UK it's not very often, and should in my opinion be enjoyed!!


I just had to share!!

As the title says I just had to share....

I have been lusting after this dress, ever since the catalog came through my door.... It's so cute and I would say forgiving to the lumps and bumps. I have been on quite a vintage colour pallet for some time, so when I seen this almost rose coloured crushed velvet I thought of my lust worthy dress! I have another dress to finish first (and have sworn myself to a fabric shopping ban.... Well at least till I get my WIP/UFO pile down a little!!) But this little rose dress will be made for the party season.

Are you making anything nice for you for the festive season???


5 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #2

So I have the tree up..... Wooohooo, I feel so Christmasy now!
I have found a new lease of life when it come's to the 25th of December...

The Boys have brought Santa Clause Back....
I have really enjoyed the last 2 Xmases, but this year Frazer will get more out of it . I have most of the shopping done, but am going to a bit more thrifting to see if I can find any more vintage loveliness...

Although I might just be pushing it as I got the red Ribbons & Santa's for my tree! I have lots of other bits to show you but I have no photos of them yet.

Do you see the wee Thomas stockings on the sofa.... They are my first attempt at free motion quilting, I will be getting them all put together some time this week and get them hung..

So how are your preparations going??

Do you have a Garland to buy/make? Why not make one with Tif's tutorial all you need is a jumper!!


1 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #1

So I have found a way to share my Christmas prep, be that decorating, making wrapping. Basically I want to share the fun and document the wonders of my wee family Christmas 2010. I like this blog-along as I am NOT posting everyday I shall blog when I have something to share! xx

Christmas Is coming

Click on the pic to see more details!!

So this link is a bit late for this year but I had to share!!! The ever lovely Tif form over at Dottie Angel .... has the cutest bunting.... I have so many arm chair covers I need to make use of!!
If you don't know Tif already go on over there... You need to know her!!!

As for this year..... I will be making this for my friend Ewan if he likes it I have just sent him a link. He's a artist and has no where to put his paint brushes!!

My Christmas decorations are coming down from the attic tonight or tomorrow so I shall have a tree to show you soon!!

How is everyone's prep going???
And do you have any links or ideas for presents for men????
I have got quilt and pj's a stocking but as for other gifts I'm stuck!!!


PS thanx Selina for the link