20 December 2010

Rummaging backdated.... & Frazer update too.

Well hello there hows everyone keeping on this snowy white Monday morning! I have the heating up, a cup of coffee in hand and a wee boy, Finn downstairs watching Bolt Yes at 5am! He is still having bad dreams about bees... Nothing a cup of milk, a hug and a good movie won't fix.

So it's all in the title! I have been very busy of late and have been merrily thrifting away, but alas no time to tell you all about it.... You see every 5am cloud has a silver lining! I can now share my fabby finds!

I was gonna save this one till last but I just can't! All of these yummy vintage finds were in one shop and on the same day SCORE!! A 3rd edition of The Great Escape, which i have not read but will be very soon, the friendship book is from 1955! I got another one which was 1979 I gave it to my friend Pauline as it is the year she was born and she loved it! The 2 books above are Phineas Finn it's a 2 part-er and I got both! I had to buy it, even though I had never heard of it, as well it's Finn's name and both books were there! The next book I found was Anyone Can Bake, the pics are so lovely a charming book for sure! And I saved the best book till last.... The Book Of Good Housekeeping, this book is like gold for me, I love it and shall no doubt share some more of this with you at a later date, as it really is a gem! I also got a Tchaikovsky record and some stunning doilies too! This really was a great trip out!

I had to show you a close up of this one, it really is stunning work! I might try to get a pattern made up!

I have recently been on a path of curiosity with cross stitch... I know that I will be a embroidery girl but, I love to dabble and to have the skill well... It can't be bad, it is a thing I have dipped my toe into in earlier years... I think it will be a good craft to have in my hand bag! The book on kids makes looks great, it has tents and all manners of fun things to do with the boys.

Now these are some quality goods, these were all in a bundle for £2, although the front books are or use with a knitting machine, I love the wee problem page and tips for Dining etc a real slice of 1957!

Now this lovely bundle is a thrifty bundle sent over from Scotland.... It's from my much loved granny Mattie.... How ace is she huh!! I really can't wait till next year I plan on getting over to see her and spending some quality time together... she is such a big part of my life. I love her to the end of the earth!
PS the apron was a buy of mines I plan on up-cycling it for our Christmas cook!

This is just a really big thanx to all who left such lovely comments on yesterdays post, they were all read and I am very thankful that you all care so much, so from the heart over her in northern Ireland me and my boys say a massive thanx for thinking of us.
Frazer is a little off form still but to be expected after his wee ordeal. fingers crossed he feels more his normal self soon


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  1. I love old editions of books and magazines. I hope you're all healthy and well now, merry Christmas, Traci!


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