10 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #5

So today has been filled with washing, drying & a lot of ironing..... And I mean a lot! I am Oh so glad to see the end of it for today! I am also glad the electrician came and fixed the blessed dishwasher..... Yes the hippie in me hated it, but yes time is short in child rearing, and if a machine can do a job, then I'll be paying the electric to aid it!

So with my gained time I got my chutney done, and there is a little more than expected so ALL my friends really will be getting chutney!!

I have to say the boys were very quite....
While I was making this lovely chutney.....

It turns out the wee devils, had every jacket, shall & housecoat in the house on the floor to
play hide & seek!

And I had to add this one as Frazer is just too cute!

So what have you guys been up to today?



  1. The chutney looks yummy.

    What lovely photos of your boys too.

  2. Love the chutney. What a great idea. In answer to your question, I've used Jaffa's for the red noses and Maltesers for the Rudolph Poo! Have fun & thanks for joining in this week. Trace


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