13 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #6

Well hello there, how is everyone? I hope you are all filled with festiveness! I can say I most certainly am, between the cards arriving in the post and all and the Christmas Carols in the in the shopping centers... I love how the boys have brought the magic back!

Today has been great, I got a wee run round town, my friend Pauline came for a quick coffee and last but most certainly not least.......

I got my cranberry sauce finished.

Also I got my undelivered mail and it was my secret Santa gift.... I am bursting to open it, but I love a surprise, so have put it under the tree!

I was playing around with the camera again... Think I might just be getting the hang of it! Either that or my boys are just too cute!! (sorry gush gush!!!)

So to the end of a rather ace day..... Cheers.... (I say with my cup of coffee, which I hope will aid me in my tidy up needed in the hall! wish me luck!)


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