14 December 2010

Gertie's coat sew-along.... Still!!

Hello well I have lasted till now on caffeine.... Fingers crossed I make it till tonight.... What on earth is she talking about? My last post explains all!

I managed to get photos of my jacket for the sew-along Gertie was doing a while ago.... I have been as ever caught up, in my own little circle of life and laundry! I made the coat with a old curtain material as my muslin. Please ignore the strip of white fabric I cut it the wrong way!

I am happy with 95% of it ---BUT--- Yes you knew the 5% would be mentioned

It's the button whole, it's a 2-3 inches out....And now I need to alter it. It really does fit everywhere else like a glove!!
*Do I take in the princess seam??
*Do I just move the button hole??
*I thought about taking the excess of at the front but that would ruin the lapels!

This is a help me post for the ever talented Gertie
Do you have tip's?
Do you have a post on this??
Could you link me a post you have on this??
I would love to make a start on my REAL coat!!



  1. wow, I think it's fabulous!

  2. Lookin' good! That's just about where my buttonhole is. What do you mean by it being 2-3" out? Does it not match up with the button marking? Is the whole thing too big?

    Sorry if I'm sounding dense, just not sure I understand yet!

  3. No tips (trust me you wouldn't want me to offer any!) but wanted to say how very pretty your jacket is!!!! Nice work!


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