1 December 2010

2010 Advent Blog~a~long #1

So I have found a way to share my Christmas prep, be that decorating, making wrapping. Basically I want to share the fun and document the wonders of my wee family Christmas 2010. I like this blog-along as I am NOT posting everyday I shall blog when I have something to share! xx

Christmas Is coming

Click on the pic to see more details!!

So this link is a bit late for this year but I had to share!!! The ever lovely Tif form over at Dottie Angel .... has the cutest bunting.... I have so many arm chair covers I need to make use of!!
If you don't know Tif already go on over there... You need to know her!!!

As for this year..... I will be making this for my friend Ewan if he likes it I have just sent him a link. He's a artist and has no where to put his paint brushes!!

My Christmas decorations are coming down from the attic tonight or tomorrow so I shall have a tree to show you soon!!

How is everyone's prep going???
And do you have any links or ideas for presents for men????
I have got quilt and pj's a stocking but as for other gifts I'm stuck!!!


PS thanx Selina for the link


  1. Oh, men ... yeah, that is hard. I will try to sew a sweater for my hubby. He actually wished for one. (As he is very tall it is hard to buy one that really fits. Well, at least here in Germany.)
    But try finding sweater patterns for men!!! CRAZY. There is so much out there for women and girls, but almost kinda nothing for men.
    Oh well ...

  2. Yeah finding it a bit of a nightmare reckon it's PJ's all the way this year!! x


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