29 September 2012

I'm on the home stretch

Good morning
How is everyone??
I am feeling very productive indeed... Do you recognise the Endless Wrap?? I got the beads and self threading needles the other day. I have 1 edge done and am on a roll!!

I'm finishing my coffee and finishing the other edge!!
TaDa later on today

26 September 2012

Spagetti Christmas?!?!? And in just 7 sleeps I will be...

Good morning....
How is everyone??
I'm enjoying my morning coffee , in the newly found coffee shop. (Caffe Fresco, Guild Square) It has become my regular coffee spot.. It used to be Starbucks over in foyleside, But I do love to see the world walk by and the occasional bit of sunshine... very occasional!! All that being said I will be back to said Starbucks in 36 days.... The gingerbread latte is back :)
Bringing my right to my Spaghetti Christmas Nicely don't you think... Seamless!!!
I meant the PUN too!!!!
I have searched out all my Christmas fabric and notion's... I think!! And will be posting a new album on My Handmadehappiness Facebook page..I can't wait to get making, I have started a Christmas inspiration page board on my Pintrest page. I am so ready to get all Christmassy it's unreal.. When I moved form my last house I forgot to get all the stuff out of the attic, This means Christmas from scratch. A handmade Christmas for us it is!!
Now for the ONLY 7 sleeps HUH...
I have signed up for a part time course, It's called Garment Making It's 1 day a week and I reckon you can always learn something new. It also gives me a bit of paperwork saying yes you can in fact sew!!! When I signed up for this, I also signed up for a part time Accountancy & Book-keeping (manual) course.. This starts in a couple of weeks..
I am sooo looking forward to getting started!! I have also started tutoring a friends daughter.. We are on our 3rd week and she's loving it, So far we have made a pin cushion & a needle book this week we are making some Christmas bunting (Free with this months SEW magazine) And were making a start on our angel... I shall get photos up tonight.
Well tat's it for me just now off to pick up the wee-est man in my life from nursery!!
Have a fantastic day
( I shall come back and put in the links after I have picked him up, I'm running late)

25 September 2012

The endless Cobweb Wrap!!!

Good morning everyone...
How are you?!?!?!
I am good, Boys are settling in to nursery/school. It seems so easy to say, but some kids are having a hard time in their class.. I think I am blessed really, I have to say my nose was a little out of joint, I mean I asked Finn for a kiss before I left him in to school the other day, his reply was "No mummy I'm fine, see you later!" I had a pang of oh my wee boy!!! But now in hindsight it's a very good thing!!
Now on to my "Endless Cobweb Wrap"
This is a present for the boys granny AKA "Ma" It was meant for her birthday but to be honest it's been a labour of love/hate!! It's taking FOREVER.. I know it will be well loved, and I will be super pleased when it's done... I just wish it was nearer done than it is!!!

I have to say I'm loving the mohair/silk mix, it feels Divine ~ Debbie Bliss Party Angel £7.95. The colourway is so nice, it has a total vintage feel to it and with the gold shimmer, it's going to be good for special occasion's too...

I have been carrying it everywhere, trying to squeeze in a row here and there ~ Even the library isn't safe!!
I did enjoy the clod night last night though, as it gave me a reason to have the fire lit... What beats crocheting by a open fire on such a blustery night?!!? Not much in my book..
So what's everyone else up to??
Do you have a project your loving to hate at the min??
Do share!!

18 September 2012

Sneak Peek @ Abakhan fabrics SSFF#2

Hello peeps...
Just had to give you a sneak peek at my next post...
Should be up tonight (boys allowing)!

This is my
"Sewing Seams For Fifteen"
(Part 2 in the series)

14 September 2012

I know it's early BUT...... Halloween is sorted!!!

Hey there peeps...
How is everyone on this rather dreary day (In Derry anyways!) I'm in my newly found cafe, Loving my wee hour in the mornings, Amazing how 1 hour can feel so liberating! Really.
Well as the title says "I know it's early BUT...... Halloween is sorted!!!
I have always been a fan of True blood (I love it if we're being honest) Anyways I was wandering about my local fabric shop Shipquay fabrics and seen there was the Simplicity sale was on... I was having a nose through and found this....
Check out the red flapper dress... LOVE LOVE LOVE this,

And it got me thinking.. Lorena
I love her look in this episode.
Season 2 Episode 2.06

I reckon I will be going Lorena this year... A inspired look, Black dress red fringe at the bottom & lots of blood not forgetting loooonnnggg black gloves!!
Did you know that Ella Fitzgerald has a song by the same name... The words are a little chilling!!!!
Is anyone else too organised for Halloween?!?!?!
Please do share, So I don't feel like the only one.. Go on!!!!

10 September 2012

Flowers for me... (bunting making & crochet worth drooling over)!

Hello there..
How is everyone today?!?!?
I am a happy bunny, I'm back to my blogging best again. I can't wait to get the boys in to school in the morning to get typing!!
Today is a mixed bag of my handsome wee boys.. They are growing oh so quick!! 

How cute are they!! I never thought I'd be so happy to receive a pee the bed AKA a Dandelion. A simple yellow weed and a big smile.... Makes me the happiest mummy around!!
The boys picked them whilst we were out for a walk along the line just outside our house. I love that we have such scenery a stones throw from the house!
I have been sewing away too,this is a bunting in the making and has been made using a pair of pink linen trousers, that didn't fit anymore... I have a few wonky flags but it's my first attempt. Why is it sewing in a straight line seems to evade me!!!! Does this happen to you too?!!?
I just had to show you this... I was watching The Middle the other day and I seen this crochet blanket, Now tell me out there... Do you LOVE it ?!?!? I had to share I ADORE it!! So simple but brilliant. I think if it was made in Halloween colours it would be a total hit! I think I'm just gonna head on past Halloween this year and get my handmade Christmas list started.... I have a few patterns ready for cutting. I just have 2 projects to finnish then I'm on the Christmas trail!!
Hope your all having a fab Monday...

9 September 2012

Abakhan Fabrics NEW DELIVERY LOCATIONS! & And a little crochet

Hello there peeps
So how is everybodys Sunday going??
I have spent the day catching up on my blogs and doing a little crochet..
Today I wanted to share 2 things... My Beaded Cobweb Wrap (Which I shall share in a mo) And the fact that my fave fabric shop now delivering to new locations.. Those of you who read away at my blog, know I love Abakhan Fabrics. They have such a great range of products, there's fabric, wool, patterns, haberdashery and at a fantastic price. Talking about great prices there is a 15% sale on all nylon lace at the min, 50% off Simplicity Sewing patterns and also 15% off all Arran too (there's a great range of colour)!!

Abakhan Fabrics new delivery locations means all of us from say Northern/Southern Ireland can now get our stash delivered straight to our door.. Not only there but to the Isle Of Man, Channel Islands & Mainland UK of course! I reckon this is well worth a peek, remember to check out the clearance section and the bargain bundles!! They are both my go to as soon as I am on the site!!

Now on to my crochet... I have been plowing away making a Cobweb wrap, I am making it for the boys granny. Her birthday is looming ever closer! It's a very simple pattern I found it in a Essential Crochet. I am using Debbie Bliss Party Angel, it's expensive @ £7.95 a ball and I am on ball 4, and need 2 more.. But I am all about the sentiment not the price, plus granny will defo like it! I have 8 days to finish it... It's a very easy pattern BUT very time consuming, I am enjoying it but am looking forward to moving on!!
I think this will be my next project it's from the same book, it's called A Satin Lingerie Case.. It is so sweet, I love it. I think it would be a present for me! it's all done on a 1.25/1.75mm needle so yet another labour of love!
I hpoe everyone is having a relaxing Sunday

7 September 2012

I've been beading!!

Well hello there peeps
How is everyone??
I am still settling in to my wee free hour in the morning... I feel like I'm missing a limb at the min!!! So weird not having a boy or 2 asking me for something!!
I am currently sitting in a newly found coffee shop not far from the boys school free WIFI and good coffee at a good ££.. It is rare in Derry to find somewhere to drink coffee (and alcohol) outside!! I am very happy indeed.
So today I wanted to catch you up on a sewing project, it has been a labour of love. Very time consuming but.... Very rewarding. I have never attempted to do beading before. So it was just a case of get a needle thread and see where the fabric spoke to me...
So here it is my WIP I think I have nailed it for this project... It gives a bit of pizazz. I have learnt that when using chermuse to use sew in interfacing though... But everything is a learning curve. That being said I still love the way it is turning out. I hope to have this finished this weekend and then I shall have my TADA moment..
Has anyone else attempted a beading project?? Any tips you would like to share?? I would love to hear them..
I hope you are all keeping well..
I look forward to blogging away my days now that I have my newly found freedom.. The mojo that seems to come and go has found me again.... So till the next post (crochet post next) Have a great day!!

5 September 2012

My boys first day at P1 and Nursery!!

Hello there peeps...
So it's been a while, SORRY!
BUT what better way to come back than my boy's both started school. Frazer had his first day of nursery today & Finn is in primary 1..

Look at them...
I really do love them to bits, they are so affectionate.


After school we went to the Railway museum, the boys love it... They get to play driver, have a run about and generally have lots of fun.

I had to take a pic of this... I mean look it says Finn! It was on one of the luggage boxes..

This is such a cool piece of memorabilia.. I really enjoy going to the railway museum I always find it to be inspirational, my creative juices are flowing~ Hence the blog post no doubt!!
Well that's my first post under me... I have lot's of crochet/ sewing projects & new sewing books to tell you all about. So till the next post (coming soon.. very soon)!