14 September 2012

I know it's early BUT...... Halloween is sorted!!!

Hey there peeps...
How is everyone on this rather dreary day (In Derry anyways!) I'm in my newly found cafe, Loving my wee hour in the mornings, Amazing how 1 hour can feel so liberating! Really.
Well as the title says "I know it's early BUT...... Halloween is sorted!!!
I have always been a fan of True blood (I love it if we're being honest) Anyways I was wandering about my local fabric shop Shipquay fabrics and seen there was the Simplicity sale was on... I was having a nose through and found this....
Check out the red flapper dress... LOVE LOVE LOVE this,

And it got me thinking.. Lorena
I love her look in this episode.
Season 2 Episode 2.06

I reckon I will be going Lorena this year... A inspired look, Black dress red fringe at the bottom & lots of blood not forgetting loooonnnggg black gloves!!
Did you know that Ella Fitzgerald has a song by the same name... The words are a little chilling!!!!
Is anyone else too organised for Halloween?!?!?!
Please do share, So I don't feel like the only one.. Go on!!!!


  1. I've found some fabric to make some halloween bunting if that counts? How I did spot our local card shop putting out lots of halloween decs today so I'm sure the supermarket will follow soon IF it can find space around the christmas stock!!

    1. Hey Vicki, bunting defo counts... There's Halloween stuff out here already but to be honest, it's massive in derry people travel for miles!! Christmas stock is out too!! xx


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