25 September 2012

The endless Cobweb Wrap!!!

Good morning everyone...
How are you?!?!?!
I am good, Boys are settling in to nursery/school. It seems so easy to say, but some kids are having a hard time in their class.. I think I am blessed really, I have to say my nose was a little out of joint, I mean I asked Finn for a kiss before I left him in to school the other day, his reply was "No mummy I'm fine, see you later!" I had a pang of oh my wee boy!!! But now in hindsight it's a very good thing!!
Now on to my "Endless Cobweb Wrap"
This is a present for the boys granny AKA "Ma" It was meant for her birthday but to be honest it's been a labour of love/hate!! It's taking FOREVER.. I know it will be well loved, and I will be super pleased when it's done... I just wish it was nearer done than it is!!!

I have to say I'm loving the mohair/silk mix, it feels Divine ~ Debbie Bliss Party Angel £7.95. The colourway is so nice, it has a total vintage feel to it and with the gold shimmer, it's going to be good for special occasion's too...

I have been carrying it everywhere, trying to squeeze in a row here and there ~ Even the library isn't safe!!
I did enjoy the clod night last night though, as it gave me a reason to have the fire lit... What beats crocheting by a open fire on such a blustery night?!!? Not much in my book..
So what's everyone else up to??
Do you have a project your loving to hate at the min??
Do share!!


  1. Crochet and cold... Very nice combination.

    1. I know... It's defo a great combo for me!! :)


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