26 September 2012

Spagetti Christmas?!?!? And in just 7 sleeps I will be...

Good morning....
How is everyone??
I'm enjoying my morning coffee , in the newly found coffee shop. (Caffe Fresco, Guild Square) It has become my regular coffee spot.. It used to be Starbucks over in foyleside, But I do love to see the world walk by and the occasional bit of sunshine... very occasional!! All that being said I will be back to said Starbucks in 36 days.... The gingerbread latte is back :)
Bringing my right to my Spaghetti Christmas Nicely don't you think... Seamless!!!
I meant the PUN too!!!!
I have searched out all my Christmas fabric and notion's... I think!! And will be posting a new album on My Handmadehappiness Facebook page..I can't wait to get making, I have started a Christmas inspiration page board on my Pintrest page. I am so ready to get all Christmassy it's unreal.. When I moved form my last house I forgot to get all the stuff out of the attic, This means Christmas from scratch. A handmade Christmas for us it is!!
Now for the ONLY 7 sleeps HUH...
I have signed up for a part time course, It's called Garment Making It's 1 day a week and I reckon you can always learn something new. It also gives me a bit of paperwork saying yes you can in fact sew!!! When I signed up for this, I also signed up for a part time Accountancy & Book-keeping (manual) course.. This starts in a couple of weeks..
I am sooo looking forward to getting started!! I have also started tutoring a friends daughter.. We are on our 3rd week and she's loving it, So far we have made a pin cushion & a needle book this week we are making some Christmas bunting (Free with this months SEW magazine) And were making a start on our angel... I shall get photos up tonight.
Well tat's it for me just now off to pick up the wee-est man in my life from nursery!!
Have a fantastic day
( I shall come back and put in the links after I have picked him up, I'm running late)

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