7 September 2012

I've been beading!!

Well hello there peeps
How is everyone??
I am still settling in to my wee free hour in the morning... I feel like I'm missing a limb at the min!!! So weird not having a boy or 2 asking me for something!!
I am currently sitting in a newly found coffee shop not far from the boys school free WIFI and good coffee at a good ££.. It is rare in Derry to find somewhere to drink coffee (and alcohol) outside!! I am very happy indeed.
So today I wanted to catch you up on a sewing project, it has been a labour of love. Very time consuming but.... Very rewarding. I have never attempted to do beading before. So it was just a case of get a needle thread and see where the fabric spoke to me...
So here it is my WIP I think I have nailed it for this project... It gives a bit of pizazz. I have learnt that when using chermuse to use sew in interfacing though... But everything is a learning curve. That being said I still love the way it is turning out. I hope to have this finished this weekend and then I shall have my TADA moment..
Has anyone else attempted a beading project?? Any tips you would like to share?? I would love to hear them..
I hope you are all keeping well..
I look forward to blogging away my days now that I have my newly found freedom.. The mojo that seems to come and go has found me again.... So till the next post (crochet post next) Have a great day!!


  1. Oooohhh, canny wait to see this! it looks gorgeous!

    Lou x

    1. Thanx huni... Should be done later today!! x


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