28 February 2012

I've been crocheting!!!!

Hello there, How is everyone today?? I have had a lovely day filled with crochet and my wee boys!! It was a little warmer today, so the boys were able to get out in the garden for a while.... So good to get a bit of fresh air in them, tires them out!

Finn gave my my first dafidill of the year!

Me and Frazer were out for a cheeky coffee and muffin at Starbucks.... I think he enjoyed his muffin!!!

Now for my crochet huh!!!!!

I have been working on this Hexagon blanket FOREVER!! But i'm in it for the long game.

This is a Circle scarf I made up over the winter.... I love it and the drape is just lush it's made with Yarn craft it's a nightmare, but well worth the work!!!

Now this is a work in progress,It is a textured Ruffle on a 1.25 hook I love it reckon it could vintage up any top!! I found it in Crocheted Edging & TRIMS Susan Smith. This book is a gem I love it!!


24 February 2012

So how was you day today.... I have been out and about, I managed to get some aran wool in Frazer's fave colour GREEN.... And for only £3.50! I plan on making him some crochet boots. There is so many patterns out there, but I'm toying with the idea of trying to make up my own pattern, Then maybe I can sell them. They make good slippers for wooden floors. I'm sure they would sell.

I also bought stupidly high boots today, And have been "braking them in" all day! I shall have to show you them later on. I have no photos of todays escipades but will get them up tomorrow!

Did you see may Ravelry post on the Crochet Along?? Anyways the vote has been going on I'm hoping the sidewalk shall gets through! I really want to give it a bash!!

Finn has been playing with the camera again.... Thought I'd post a headless me!!! I have got used to him running around with the camera now... As Cal said the other day, it's amazing the angles the boys get.

Well i'm away off to get some more washing done, and most likely some crochet blanket too!!! I'm still working on Attic24 Hexagaon how to, Once again I shall have photos up tomorrow!!!


20 February 2012

Smiles a million :)

Just a quicky today as I want to get on top of my chores..... And maybe even get a little sewing in before the end of the day!!

Me and the boys went to the park for half and hour before we headed for a bath then bed..... I can't help but have a MASSIVE smile when I see all three of these photos, I am of course going to say this they are my boys but..... The smiles could make even the most grumpy person smile!!!

Have a good day.
I hope your day is full of brilliant smiles too.


17 February 2012

True Blood Corchet Along - On Ravelry

So another post already huh.....

I have had a wave of oooohhhhh, yes please!!!

I am a avid fan of Ravelry I have yet to update my projects, since I got back on-line. I shall be getting that done tomorrow!! I am a member of a few groups over at ravelry and one of them is the True Blood, I have never been invited to a CAL also known as.... Crochet Along What fun I say!!! There are lots of options from bags form our very own Attic 24 of course! To fingerless gloves to skirts & tops too.... I am in a little bit of a TIZZY!!! I have to vote tomorrow for my fave!

If your new to Ravelry then you should defo get on over there it's ace!!

That's me for tonight

Night Night


A Finn's eye view of the world!!

Well hello there peep's

How are we all today? I have had a good day I met up with a old school friend who was visiting Ireland. It was so good to see an old friend. Nice to know that Friendships can stand the test of time! And juile's most certainly has a first class lady.

Any ways on to todays title.... Finn's eye view of the world? Why you may ask eh?!?!?! He has discovered the zip pocket in my bag and what it holds, my camera of course! I have to say I was a little miffed, when found him running full pelt round the house screaming....


I can now infact laugh about it and further more do a wee post about it.... Ah how time heals huh!!!

He's no photographer YET!! He defo has a facination for now....Lets watch this space :)


14 February 2012

A new walk.... With horses!!

Hello there sorry had a little blip in the old posting there.... Life takes over alot!!!

We are on mid term break for a week so Busy busy I shall be this week... With all the baking and painting that will be going on!!! Gotta love a bit of controlled mess!!!

Anyways my new walk, I descovered when out with my friend the other day. It is so lovely I will be making the extra effort to get there... It reminds me of another friend Andy.... She has horses and loves to walk!! I will have to take her there when she's next over!!!

Is'nt it just lovely.... This is a place I feel I can breathe.

I just love it a great find...

It is the grounds of this hotel too so if you fancy a visit to Derry Northern Ireland!!

The Beech Hill Hotel Derry