17 February 2012

A Finn's eye view of the world!!

Well hello there peep's

How are we all today? I have had a good day I met up with a old school friend who was visiting Ireland. It was so good to see an old friend. Nice to know that Friendships can stand the test of time! And juile's most certainly has a first class lady.

Any ways on to todays title.... Finn's eye view of the world? Why you may ask eh?!?!?! He has discovered the zip pocket in my bag and what it holds, my camera of course! I have to say I was a little miffed, when found him running full pelt round the house screaming....


I can now infact laugh about it and further more do a wee post about it.... Ah how time heals huh!!!

He's no photographer YET!! He defo has a facination for now....Lets watch this space :)



  1. Love these! Mine do the same and I am always a little amazed by the angle of their views, and what they choose to photograph. It makes you step into their shoes a little.

    1. I now what you mean Cal.... I love the lat one of Frazer so cute the laughter he has caught!!


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