28 February 2012

I've been crocheting!!!!

Hello there, How is everyone today?? I have had a lovely day filled with crochet and my wee boys!! It was a little warmer today, so the boys were able to get out in the garden for a while.... So good to get a bit of fresh air in them, tires them out!

Finn gave my my first dafidill of the year!

Me and Frazer were out for a cheeky coffee and muffin at Starbucks.... I think he enjoyed his muffin!!!

Now for my crochet huh!!!!!

I have been working on this Hexagon blanket FOREVER!! But i'm in it for the long game.

This is a Circle scarf I made up over the winter.... I love it and the drape is just lush it's made with Yarn craft it's a nightmare, but well worth the work!!!

Now this is a work in progress,It is a textured Ruffle on a 1.25 hook I love it reckon it could vintage up any top!! I found it in Crocheted Edging & TRIMS Susan Smith. This book is a gem I love it!!



  1. Love the blanket - well worth the waiting for, its going to look amazing :)

    Someone looks like the muffin was brilliant - what a cute face :)

    1. I know the face... Looks like a wee conosure!!! LOL

  2. your blanket is gorgeous..the colours just pop. i am yet to learn to crochet.

    1. It's addictive!!! And such a great pass time :)


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