28 February 2011

Clours colours everywhere!!

Well hello there
It's sunny here in Northern Ireland, and boy am I happy too see that. Don't get me wrong I love snow... A lot but hey, with my two wee guys it's all the better too look at!

I have been noticing all over blog land that the Pantone colour of the year is out....

I have to say I agree with Gertie on this one, I have a seen other colours that have reminded me more of honeysuckle, but hey Fashion is a crazy world!!!

I am enjoying the whole collection colours for women 2011

Do you have a fave, I do like the honeysuckle it's so bright it makes you think of happier things..... Rather than the economies downturn or whatever! But I love the muted two at the end they have a real vintage feel about them!

The men in our lives have their own pallet too.....

To be honest what's the difference!!!!!
For me Not so much!!!
And to be honest if the man in my life starts stealing Silver cloud clothes well.... woe betide ! Although really he never would!!!I do have to say I am more interested in the Autumn Winter pallet but dear regular readers, you know me well enough to know that PHLOX aka in the world of Traci PURPLE is my fave colour!!!

So do you follow Pantone? And do you have a fave colours for the year ahead?

PS pop back later it's my Blogs First birthday I shall be hosting some GIVEAWAY fun!!!


24 February 2011

Fixing this & fixing that!!

I have been a little snowed under of late now by any Actual snow... Just life and laundry as ever!!! You know Ironing, Bed changing...... Blah blah!

I have hosted another sewing class for the young mums aged from 16yrs-19yrs, and there was a extra girl this week, and they seemed more interested this week, the buntings have been cut, appliqued and are now pinned ready for the sewing. The girls are looking forward to next week as am I! They defo inspire me.

On another front, the boys have found a few new hobbies, Thomas The Tank Engine seems to be waning a little. It's all fire trucks, cars, trucks & buses for now! Wee Frazer has caught a tummy bug and is a little green around the gills, I feel for my him he catches everything going, Fingers crossed it passes very soon.

I have been fixing away at things too, my boys seem to be finding "fun" things to do when I'm not looking AKA aaaahhhhh in mummies world!!!!! But hey boys will be boys and I wouldn't have them any other way!!!

Before, Urban decay soft eyeliner....

And after lots of elbow grease

The fish are so much happier now!!!

On another note..... My hairdresser was round and gave me a trim and a long layer, straightened it too. I love my hair like this sometimes, a change is as good as a holiday!


20 February 2011

Sponsered Post... Butt what?!?!?

This post brought to you by Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

So It's a first for me folks like the heading says this is a sponsored post and hopefully the first of many I say!! Today I shall be Introducing a new product for me, as I personally have never heard of the wonder cream Boudreaux's Butt Paste

I hear that snort, that giggle that, how can I take you serious Traci.... What IS going on!!!! Well before you just head on over to another post & dismiss me, check out what other people have to say about this cream, here here and here.

This Cream seams to be a hidden gem in the Parenting world, well it is for sure over here in the UK, there are quite a few pros to this lovely cream, as you see from the links above. All I can say is being a mummy of 2 boys, I only wish I had heard of this hidden gem for myself, as both my boys were plagued with blisteringly sore bums during teething time, also I breastfed both my boys so, the constant change in hormones in the milk also gave my boys sore red bums. I Have to say I was one of the mummies who searched and searched for THAT cream!! Alas it seems I have discovered THE cream. When my boys are on to the very last of their teething and they are for sure not breast feeding now at 2yrs and 3.5yrs!

It is recommended by Pediatrician. Goes on and cleans off easily, It comes in an array of sizes 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz tubes, 16oz jar. So can be carried around in a handy wee flip top tube, to a large tub to keep at home, It apparently has a lovely scent but this does appear to be quite half and half but  if we all had the same sense of smell then that would be just boring!

All the ingredients are listed on this handy site, and they have given butt paste a overall 2-4 score Which really is fantastic as the worst score is as high as 10, and really puts your mind at ease. I like to know what's going in things, but that's just the hippy in me I think!!!

FFor a   FFeatured on:

- Oprah Show
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So If you still need convinced after all that then, the peeps over at Boudreaux are offering a "free" sample all you need to do is send in a envelope, and a little P&P and it shall be winging itself over to you in no time... From what I've seen there will be no turning back!!!


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18 February 2011

For the love of FABRIC!!!!

Well hello there...
We have had a great day, it's been all about finding fab fabric, eating sausages (the boys!) and my sewing magazine coming in, the boys got to go to their wee playgroup too. Nap times were at a good time so, hoping for some knitting time later, as the boys might just go to bed earlier. We can but hope!

Now on to my Fabric finds....

I have had my eye on these flannel patterns for a while.... I love them they have such a vintage feel. And they were on sale! I will be using them to make fab pj's.

And these cottons WOW I love them, I think the boys will look brilliant in the Pants pattern when I have altered them... Can't wait to be honest, I think the will be very comfy and cute...

Also I got my sew mag this month.... Check out the free pattern I will be putting this in the to do make list. They also have a great section on hand stitching and a lovely wee read at the end for hats/headwear.


17 February 2011

Made pants Trial #1

Well hello there, how is everyone??
I personally have had the best day, ignoring the usual tantrums as you do!! A lost ipod was found, Happifing mail arrived, pigeon post and email versions, I won on Ebay and I have a tidy house with ironing finished! To top it all off I got Dana's pants pattern done and modeled too!!!

You've heard of celebrate the boy 2011 right??
If not click the Lego above!!
I have entered a giveaway and made said pants.....
which leads us to "the shoot"!!!

I had to play with the settings a little on my camera.... This was the night portrait but unless your "subject" is completely still this is the effect!! Frazer was enjoying it though.

I found that the children setting was best, I was able to catch motion shots with no blur!! I do love that the joy of love... I have actually been investigating & learning!!

So this is my lovie in his MADE comfy trouser pattern.... Bearing in mind her boy is a skinny tall 3yr, and Frazer is 2 and 2.5 stones, then the pattern is in need of some altering.... I hope to have drafted a Frazer pant for tomorrow night.... He needs more room in the booty area, and some space for the thighs.

Whilst our photo shoot was going on, Finn was determined to get the jumper off himself! My independent wee boy huh!! He got there in the end.... Can't wait to get started on Finn's, then on to lining! I may run behind on this but, it will be a thing I can use over and over again!


16 February 2011

Creative space #6

Well hello there, how is everyone?
I have had a fantastic few days, Mr Phew was back, and we got a couple of nights out, which to be honest is a very rare thing, but hey that's what rearing kids is all about I'm sure! I got spoilt for Valentines.... A lovely jaunt out to my fave restaurant I do love the rocket & Parmesan salad YUMMY, a bunch of roses AND a gift that keeps giving...... Stitch magazine..... Do you know it???? The ever talented Ayumi from Pink Penguin has been featured in this ace magazine a few times and has the best tutorials for free I might add.... If you don't know Ayumi then let me tell you..... I reckon your missing out....Just go see!!!!!

So on to my creative space this week.....

I have dug out a old cardi that I started forever ago, some of you might recognize.... I have found my place in the pattern again thanx to a friend Anne and am off again!!

As for my Granny matties Scarf well it took a bit of humming and hawing. But I have decided to go for stitch No3 from the top (this one). I think I like this one best, so will be cutting out the scarf tonight and might even get the hems ironed down wish me luck!!!

I managed a few more hearts too!!

I am being a little naughty and starting a new project.... but it is for boy month!!! And the pattern is a freebie too and a print at home.... Very easy too so I'm on board!!!

Check out more crafty peeps over at Kirsty's


12 February 2011

So what do you think?

So I have been playing with my sewing machine, I have to say I have only just found my mojo. I have been crocheting away this year, but my Adam has be snuggled away in his sewing cabinet, hoping to get a see some daylight.

I have been inspired into sewing again, by a small group of young mums.... Young mums you say, well it turns out Surestart, wanted me to come in and do a short course on the basics of sewing, with the group girls once a week. They will provide the child care for my boys and it is a voluntary placement, I am so happy to be involved in something so positive, the centre itself is fantastic and is a wealth of information and support if you are a parent with young kids under 4......

Now back to my Adam huh!!! I have dusted off his cobwebs of last year (not really but it has been 6 weeks since I looked at him!) And played with the stitches for granny matties scarf...... Do you have a fave stitch??? I have narrowed it down to 4!!!

From top to bottom I like number 3 & 9.....

And on this one I like 8 & 9.....
What ones do you like???

On another note, I have crossed 2 more things of the WIP list the above skirt and fab thrifted dress....

I might wear the dress tonight, as I'm heading for a rare night out. We are going to the CHAOS FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS.... It's a early birthday present for Mr Phew.... He's known we're going out for about 5 weeks, and hates surprises but I have managed it..... So he doesn't know where we are going, or the best bit, that I have managed to get 2 of his brothers to come too!!! I have booked a table for a us all too at The Gaslight Grill the food here is to die for and is cooked in a open kitchen, I like to see what the chefs are up to gives you more confidence in a kitchen.

Here's to everyone having a fantastic weekend

9 February 2011

Creative space #5

Another week has gone by, and I have finished Finn's blanket.
How happy am I.... Very (just in case there was any doubt)!

I have started my valentines garland.... In purple of course and black, I can keep it in my room as a permanent feature to as my room is... No surprise here yes, you guessed it purple!!
*** The pattern can be found here***

I have eventually got the linen for my granny matties shawl/scarf, and am working on the right decorative stitch so watch this space....

check out more crafty peeps over @ Kirsty's


7 February 2011

THEE scarf!!!

Yes THEE scarf it's been in my WIP pile for a while....

I think I just love it so much I can't say goodbye!
BUT the time has come, it must be sent to it's new & loving home, my Granny Mattie's.

I managed to get 2 1/2 yards of linen for £10 which I was happy enough with... I do love linen too, it has such a lovely feel to it... Might have to see if there's enough left for a crafty apron of sorts!

I shall have Finn's blanket on Creative spaces on Thursday... I hope to have found just the right decorative stitch from my brother machine.... AKA Adam


6 February 2011

Flowers flowers flowers

Hey there sorry if I'm boring you with all the photos of the kids, I think it helps keep me on inspired for the new assignments... I can't locate the metering option, so am waiting on Kodak getting back too me, so I'll write normal Traci posts for now!!


Google images

I have been scouring the Web for flower inspiration.... And i have come to the conclusion that this lady here, does the most beautiful arranging it incorporates wire and beads, she also began my longing for the Calla Lilly, I mean look at the centre huh, I adore the purple centre, I hope to accentuate everything with purple on the day.

I do it yourself site


I have been swaying heavily towards making my own, I love the thought of the flowers being some sort of keep sake... And recycled too!

Do you have a fave flower????
Are you married ????
What flowers were in your bouquet???

Happy Sunday everyone


5 February 2011

Photo magic Day #4

What they wear...

This was a fun one, as I had to look through the camera manual which I found online... I happened to keep my manual from a old camera! We were to look at metering I found out after 36 pages of a manual that mines was listed under a different name.... Exposure metering! I got there in the end.

So I only have a couple of pictures today where I can see I managed the metering to work I think this will be a work in progress... Metering basically means (I think) just different places within the photo being in focus.... So here is my attempt!!

I took a picture of what they wear.... Being a load of clean clothes, I played with the metering and got a photo of the boys in focus, and then their clothes, there are 3 options here Multi-zone, face priority & centre....As I said there was only a couple of pictures to show you. I couldn't see much difference in the others!


4 February 2011

Photo magic Day #3

Day #3
Then and now
I'm very tired so this will be short but sweet!!!

Frazer newborn Finn 16months, look at his wee cheeks!!

We were to capture our loved ones today and to show the change time has made... The change here is my boys are growing up oh so quick!!! Also we were to play with cropping!! I'm glad no quality was lost.

The TV go all the attention tonight... The above photos were taken with the candle light setting, I reckon they turned out good!!

And this shot well I'm not to sure what the setting was but it looks like I done work on it.... I didn't though.... I have enjoyed the last 3 days, it has made me investigate my camera and there are lots of options in the scenes menu, that I never knew existed!!

Well roll on tomorrow huh!! I have lots planed before the wind comes back!

I'm off for a cuppa and some true blood!!


3 February 2011

Photo magic Day #2

Day #2
How they look...
I have to smile at this wee pick bellow ...

He looks to cute I am his mummy, but a wee boy in that pose with fuzzy hair... Too cute!!!

Here he is again my wee dote full of energy and smiles...

This was the inevitable photo, all that cuteness, energy & smiles had to end in a fall, so here is the snuggle shot, pretty good to being I was stretching with one camera hand, and hugging with the other

This is my other wee boy Finn he is all tuckered out, he had a bad fall yesterday and wanted to sleep on the sofa, who am i to argue...

I am very proud of this photo as it is 11pm and has no flash... I would never have attempted a picture at night with no flash....

Is there any tips on this Eg no flash day or night?? Does the loved one have to be very still eg asleep to not have blurry mayhem???