16 February 2011

Creative space #6

Well hello there, how is everyone?
I have had a fantastic few days, Mr Phew was back, and we got a couple of nights out, which to be honest is a very rare thing, but hey that's what rearing kids is all about I'm sure! I got spoilt for Valentines.... A lovely jaunt out to my fave restaurant I do love the rocket & Parmesan salad YUMMY, a bunch of roses AND a gift that keeps giving...... Stitch magazine..... Do you know it???? The ever talented Ayumi from Pink Penguin has been featured in this ace magazine a few times and has the best tutorials for free I might add.... If you don't know Ayumi then let me tell you..... I reckon your missing out....Just go see!!!!!

So on to my creative space this week.....

I have dug out a old cardi that I started forever ago, some of you might recognize.... I have found my place in the pattern again thanx to a friend Anne and am off again!!

As for my Granny matties Scarf well it took a bit of humming and hawing. But I have decided to go for stitch No3 from the top (this one). I think I like this one best, so will be cutting out the scarf tonight and might even get the hems ironed down wish me luck!!!

I managed a few more hearts too!!

I am being a little naughty and starting a new project.... but it is for boy month!!! And the pattern is a freebie too and a print at home.... Very easy too so I'm on board!!!

Check out more crafty peeps over at Kirsty's



  1. I can't wait to see the boy pants! I really wanted to join in the fun as my little boy is due this summer ... but just have too much on at the moe :( Good luck with them!

  2. Well done on re-starting a long forgotten project! And thanks for the tip on the pattern :-)

  3. Thank you for such kind words! I wish I could knit like you!
    Glad you had a great Valentine's day :)

  4. Yay for nice meals, roses and Stitch magazine!

  5. You have been busy. I really enjoy reading your posts. Liking the blue wool.

  6. I have numerous projects always on the go, this week has been pj week making pj bottoms for The Miss. Much fun.


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