6 February 2011

Flowers flowers flowers

Hey there sorry if I'm boring you with all the photos of the kids, I think it helps keep me on inspired for the new assignments... I can't locate the metering option, so am waiting on Kodak getting back too me, so I'll write normal Traci posts for now!!


Google images

I have been scouring the Web for flower inspiration.... And i have come to the conclusion that this lady here, does the most beautiful arranging it incorporates wire and beads, she also began my longing for the Calla Lilly, I mean look at the centre huh, I adore the purple centre, I hope to accentuate everything with purple on the day.

I do it yourself site


I have been swaying heavily towards making my own, I love the thought of the flowers being some sort of keep sake... And recycled too!

Do you have a fave flower????
Are you married ????
What flowers were in your bouquet???

Happy Sunday everyone


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