18 February 2011

For the love of FABRIC!!!!

Well hello there...
We have had a great day, it's been all about finding fab fabric, eating sausages (the boys!) and my sewing magazine coming in, the boys got to go to their wee playgroup too. Nap times were at a good time so, hoping for some knitting time later, as the boys might just go to bed earlier. We can but hope!

Now on to my Fabric finds....

I have had my eye on these flannel patterns for a while.... I love them they have such a vintage feel. And they were on sale! I will be using them to make fab pj's.

And these cottons WOW I love them, I think the boys will look brilliant in the Pants pattern when I have altered them... Can't wait to be honest, I think the will be very comfy and cute...

Also I got my sew mag this month.... Check out the free pattern I will be putting this in the to do make list. They also have a great section on hand stitching and a lovely wee read at the end for hats/headwear.


1 comment:

  1. Love the flannel fabrics..and the others too. Have a great day/ Eva Sweden


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