9 February 2011

Creative space #5

Another week has gone by, and I have finished Finn's blanket.
How happy am I.... Very (just in case there was any doubt)!

I have started my valentines garland.... In purple of course and black, I can keep it in my room as a permanent feature to as my room is... No surprise here yes, you guessed it purple!!
*** The pattern can be found here***

I have eventually got the linen for my granny matties shawl/scarf, and am working on the right decorative stitch so watch this space....

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  1. That is too cute and a great idea. I can't wait to see it finished. I love purple too! It's very underrated as a colour ;)

  2. Love the idea of purple hearts! Nice one!

  3. Finished blanket looks great, love heart garlands.

  4. Gorgeous! Hope it gets loads of good use....

  5. Love those crochet hearts! I wish I had though of that before valentine's day, oh well...

  6. Looks great and I am sure it is lovely and warm

  7. Love the purple hearts! Love your blog too!

  8. ooh, those hearts look fabulous! And I am sure your little one's quilt will be loved for many years :-)


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