17 February 2011

Made pants Trial #1

Well hello there, how is everyone??
I personally have had the best day, ignoring the usual tantrums as you do!! A lost ipod was found, Happifing mail arrived, pigeon post and email versions, I won on Ebay and I have a tidy house with ironing finished! To top it all off I got Dana's pants pattern done and modeled too!!!

You've heard of celebrate the boy 2011 right??
If not click the Lego above!!
I have entered a giveaway and made said pants.....
which leads us to "the shoot"!!!

I had to play with the settings a little on my camera.... This was the night portrait but unless your "subject" is completely still this is the effect!! Frazer was enjoying it though.

I found that the children setting was best, I was able to catch motion shots with no blur!! I do love that the joy of love... I have actually been investigating & learning!!

So this is my lovie in his MADE comfy trouser pattern.... Bearing in mind her boy is a skinny tall 3yr, and Frazer is 2 and 2.5 stones, then the pattern is in need of some altering.... I hope to have drafted a Frazer pant for tomorrow night.... He needs more room in the booty area, and some space for the thighs.

Whilst our photo shoot was going on, Finn was determined to get the jumper off himself! My independent wee boy huh!! He got there in the end.... Can't wait to get started on Finn's, then on to lining! I may run behind on this but, it will be a thing I can use over and over again!



  1. Gorgeous pictures! Cute pants & thanks for the boy link..

  2. Cool trousers :) Makes me want little boys again so I could choose cute fabrics - now they just live in jeans.


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