5 February 2011

Photo magic Day #4

What they wear...

This was a fun one, as I had to look through the camera manual which I found online... I happened to keep my manual from a old camera! We were to look at metering I found out after 36 pages of a manual that mines was listed under a different name.... Exposure metering! I got there in the end.

So I only have a couple of pictures today where I can see I managed the metering to work I think this will be a work in progress... Metering basically means (I think) just different places within the photo being in focus.... So here is my attempt!!

I took a picture of what they wear.... Being a load of clean clothes, I played with the metering and got a photo of the boys in focus, and then their clothes, there are 3 options here Multi-zone, face priority & centre....As I said there was only a couple of pictures to show you. I couldn't see much difference in the others!


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