3 February 2011

Photo magic Day #2

Day #2
How they look...
I have to smile at this wee pick bellow ...

He looks to cute I am his mummy, but a wee boy in that pose with fuzzy hair... Too cute!!!

Here he is again my wee dote full of energy and smiles...

This was the inevitable photo, all that cuteness, energy & smiles had to end in a fall, so here is the snuggle shot, pretty good to being I was stretching with one camera hand, and hugging with the other

This is my other wee boy Finn he is all tuckered out, he had a bad fall yesterday and wanted to sleep on the sofa, who am i to argue...

I am very proud of this photo as it is 11pm and has no flash... I would never have attempted a picture at night with no flash....

Is there any tips on this Eg no flash day or night?? Does the loved one have to be very still eg asleep to not have blurry mayhem???



  1. Lovely hair x 2! Wish my kids had curly hair :)

  2. No you don't.... well not when they are getting it either washed or brushed other wise yes very cute!!!!

  3. I have to say you have the cutest kids, I could just eat them up!
    Kkandi x


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