19 May 2014


Hi there peep's Traci here......

Yes I have been gone for over a year BUT I wanted to drop in ans say that I have a new blog and would love you to pop over and keep in touch.... I miss so many blogs it's unreal!!

You can find me over here

I would love to catch up with so many of you lovely readers!!

I hope you can get over and see how my sewing adventures have come along!!!


2 May 2013

Verging on closure, but trying to be hopeful

Hi there peeps
I've not been around as of late, as I have become unhappy with the origins of some of my traffic.

I feel it may be best if I shut down this blog, as much as it saddens me. I DO NOT WANT photos of my children being taken or used in a appropriate manner.

I am in email talks to try to rectify this situation, and hope it can be resolved. If not I shall be closing this blog and restarting another that is solely for my sewing, baking and cooking.

Thanx to my readers old and new. I should know more in the next 7-14 days and shall let you know how I go.

Ps I have been sewing!!! Just want to sort out the blog... I want my posts to have heart in them!!!


3 April 2013

Great British Sewing Bee - Episode 1

Hello there peep's


Who was all a buzz about 

I have to say I was glued... It's like a home sewists Project runway! The characters are FAB and a quite a eclectic mix too... I have my faves already!!

Have you "Met" the contestants yet??

Like I said I have my faves already...

Sewing for 75 years!!

I can not believe she's only been sewing for 2 years!!

Both are very different but both very talented... It's a battle of excellent construction and excellent creativity! I have to say I can not wait for next week.... It's defo on the reminders list!!

Did any of you crazy people out there miss it?!?!?!?!?

You can watch it here for the next 4 weeks :)

They had a rather rushed how to on a laundry bag

Which Fiona over at The Sewing directory has sourced!!

Also the ever lovely Fiona has compiled a list of supplies and projects that were within the show.... So if you liked any of the fabrics head on over :) Also there is a book to go along with the series priced at £12... So if your looking for a more in-depth look at what's going on in the show, I'd pick that up!

Well that's my ramble over!!

I'm off for a bit of housework and sewing!!


27 March 2013

Hoping for spring......

Hello there peeps

How is everyone?!?!? I've been busy relaxing hence the lack of posts!! I did manage to squeeze in a little sewing shopping.... I'm only giving to a sneak peek today!

I'll tell you the linen is in on a per-wash as I type!!

Are the cogs turning?!?!?!? I hope so!!

On another note.......

The post title is

"Hoping for spring....."

I can't believe it's the 27th of March and there are dancing snow flakes outside!!!! The UK never has been know for its summer...... But this certainly don't look like no spring!!!!

Anyways that's the pre-wash done..... I'm off to hang it near a radiator now to dry!!!!  And get on with cutting my pattern.


19 March 2013

Bonding with my boys....

Hello there peeps

How are we today??

I've had a busy day, which I shall share later!!!

Me and the boys have been having adventures today....

I'm enjoying our playtime, they have such great imaginations! 
Long may it last I say "floor time" is just such fun!

Till tomorrow 


18 March 2013

Topshop Alteration Ahoy!

I'm back with a alteration,

Yes, with another alteration!!! 

I seem to be kept busy with these of late... And I'm loving it, I love the problem solving in it. I might have found my happy place in sewing!!!

Today's alteration is a Topshop dress, that needed taken in from the waist through the bust then the under arm....

This is the dress pinned... I should really have taken more photos of the before and the inside, but hey too late now!!

I had rip out the lining, the overlocking was encased in a straight stitch. That was a bugger to rip out!!! But it was a nice neat touch. After that I was able to rip out the the waist bust and some of the arm, and take it in the 1.5 grading to 2 inch.

Here she is all stitched up!!!
Matching seams and everything!!!

On this side I had to trim the lace to get it to match up....

Arm holes matching!!

And here is the trimmed lace...

I'm happy with the way this dress turned out and working with a new fabric was fun!!!

Well that's me for today, the Housework is calling!!!


17 March 2013

Blog Claimed!!!!! Hop on over to Bloglovin!!!!!!!

Hey there peeps

So the blogging world is in a tizzy over Google reader disappearing....... I have jumped ship over to Bloglovin, to be honest I'm all very confused about it all BUT..... I have signed up, and now you can still keep up to date on all my ramblings all you have to do is click on the pretty picture on the right there>>>>>
And you'll still get my posts!!!



I have to say the thought of just 3 followers, as much as I right for me...... Is pretty scary!!! I hope y'all will come on over to the other side with me?!?!?!?

Anyways I'm of to prep some green cookies!!!


Tryingto claim my blog on bloglovin TESTING TESTING!!!!

Hey trying to claim my blog over on blog lovin

Bear with me!!!

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Happy St Patrick's Day

Hello there 

Happy St Paddy's day peeps

Me and the boys have a day of baking planned.... With lots of green food colouring thrown in!!!

This makes me smile so much..... Finn even pulls the same facial expressions as me!!!

And just for fun.....

My Leprechaun name is 


What's yours!!!!

I'll be back later with our baking fun, See you soon!!


16 March 2013

Sewing Sewing Sewing!!!!

Hello there peeps


I've been busy in the sewing cub/nook this week..... It's a great realization to me BUT, I seem to love a little working under pressure, Knowing a project or alteration is needed in say 2-4 days seems to get the creative me all in a buzz. Question ~ Are you the same? Or do you prefer to have a bit of time to do your sewing/craft projects???

Anyways here's the fruits of my labor this week!

The last of the caravan curtains for a friend.... I plan on making a a couple of 16 inch cushions to go with the rooms. There is plenty of fabric left over!! I think a tutorial might be on the cards.... I'm thinking MASSIVE BOW!!

Next up is a Laura Ashley dress

I have to say this was a challenge, the lace is STRETCHY and I mean real stretchy, I managed to overlock it... I was very patient as it was VERY fiddly!! I then went on to hand stitch the seam, I had to do single stitches every half inch to maintain the stretch! I am very pleased with how it turned out as this was my first time working on this type of fabric!

Now on to the next set of curtains

These are Harry Corry curtains and they were sewn together, this is me sorting out the hem....

The lining and right side were not for matching up but to be honest they were not perfect to begin with!!

I removed two of the rings, to get the rings the right distance apart. It seems the simplest of jobs but the sheer size of the curtains and the space required is hectic!!


So after all my sewing, I felt like I deserved a yummy pizza....

Look at this, do you like spicy???

These are new over at Dominos
Twisted Dough Balls ~ Jalapeno Bites

I say next time your ordering. Spice it up!!

Anyways that's me for now, me and the kids are heading to the pictures AKA The cinema to see THE CROODS

Have a great day!!