18 March 2013

Topshop Alteration Ahoy!

I'm back with a alteration,

Yes, with another alteration!!! 

I seem to be kept busy with these of late... And I'm loving it, I love the problem solving in it. I might have found my happy place in sewing!!!

Today's alteration is a Topshop dress, that needed taken in from the waist through the bust then the under arm....

This is the dress pinned... I should really have taken more photos of the before and the inside, but hey too late now!!

I had rip out the lining, the overlocking was encased in a straight stitch. That was a bugger to rip out!!! But it was a nice neat touch. After that I was able to rip out the the waist bust and some of the arm, and take it in the 1.5 grading to 2 inch.

Here she is all stitched up!!!
Matching seams and everything!!!

On this side I had to trim the lace to get it to match up....

Arm holes matching!!

And here is the trimmed lace...

I'm happy with the way this dress turned out and working with a new fabric was fun!!!

Well that's me for today, the Housework is calling!!!



  1. Beautiful Traci !!! Is there nothing you can't do?? ;)

    1. Why thank you Louise! Your quite the talented lady yourself!!!! Loving your new ladies/animals!! xxx


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