6 March 2013

Another alteration a go go!!!

Hello there peeps

How is everyone??? I'm just finished Sewing class... I love my sewing class, I'm learning the RIGHT way to do stuff. I love that I'm self taught BUT that being said, doing alterations etc the way they are meant to be done is great. I see now there is a easier way to go around doing certain things.

Woop woop to learning I say

I am working on a dress for a wedding guest, It's another shoulder alteration. This time I had to alter the back so that the front and back of the shoulder straps were the same width....

Her she is on the mannequin

See the width difference?

This dress is lovely. It's from Laura Ashley, I have to admit the fabric is just divine, I think it would make a fab skirt! But alas IT is a dress and it is NOT mines to cut up and refashion!!!

I shall get some more photos up tonight. 

Me and the boys have a wee treat after school, they are on a promise of a homer style donut, Ah bribery isn't it great! All to get a little peace and quite sewing!!

Anyways I'm off to finish my coffee and then pick up my wee guys..

Have a fabby Wednesday peeps 


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