1 March 2013

Alteration Tah-Dah!!

Hello there, How is everyone?? 
All I have to say is 

It has been a hectic but productive week.

To add to my Alterations, a sequins dress... The shoulder straps were 1-2 inches to long and  the gathers needed sorted, they were ruining the hem line. It was all uneven.

To be honest it seemed a little daunting.... But when I took the seam ripper to it, it wasn't that scary at all.

I had to do a gradual seam so that the arm hole wasn't too small, but the support was still there for the chest....

There were lots of fiddly bits....


Here she is all fixed up!

A wee close up.....

And the other shoulder....


The skirt was way easier, just a couple of stay stitches to sort out the hem line...

so there we have it a scary project... Not so scary when there is a little confidence on the burner!!!

I just received a text that said that

"It fits like a glove, Thanx so much"

I am a happy Traci

Here's to having a little confidence!!

Have you taken the leap on a project lately??



  1. Such a beautiful dress! Where did you find it?

  2. It's from ~ RARE london.... Google it you should find it easy enough!


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