2 March 2013

What I'm altering now.... H&M Dress

Hey, hey, hey!!!!

How is everyone? I am feeling oh so very productive, I have a very tidy house. This is not a regular thing, I'm too busy baking with the boys, going for walks, sewing crocheting etc... It is a very chaotic but happy way to live!!! I managed to get the whole house sorted today everywhere but my bedroom sorted today!!! But that is tomorrows task... 

So today I am starting a wee project for me.... A alteration on this dress,

Isn't it LUSH.... It's from H&M, Sold out now.... To be honest, I think I bought it in a sale hence the size 6 UK. I am a 8UK...

I just love this this it's soooo cute!!! I plan on taking a seam ripper to the side seams and add 1 inch to each side... I think I'll probably make it 1.5 + seam allowance when I think about it this dress could have a little room and still work!!

Now that I have put the seam ripper in to action, I can see I need to cut my black inset on the bias. The cogs are turning.... I might use thick bias tape?!?!?! Mad on right on?!?!?!?

I'm off for a wee cuppa and a few ginger nuts.

Wish me luck!!!


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