31 July 2010

it's ending tonight!!!!

hey there peep's
so i am about to share with you the trials and tribulation's i am having with regard's to my youngest son frazer..... to most people this may not seem like such a biggy but for me ...... i have to say that i am at the end of my tether.....

this lovely little menace is my wee Frazer..... he is 18month's old
and i am still breast feeding him and had planned to stop the feeding at 13month's

the same as his older brother Finn...

well folk's it turns out that Frazer is just so not up for that, every time i get near some kind of weaning, he catches a bug or teeth come through... otherwise just something comes up, i have decided that tonight is the night. i will be doing the controlled crying technique some may frown some may agree but for me i think i just have to get this done (and it seemed to work fine with Finn) and with there being 2 kid's i have to get it done asap as i want to try get back to some kind of normal pretty quick.... so this will be hard on Frazer but hard on everyone else too.....

i hope not to gurn to much over the next few day's..... and more realistically week's please do bear with me and if you fancy a leaving a happifying comment please do.... dare i say i feel that i may be in need of them !!!!!


29 July 2010

suggestions please my cs needs you

hey there happy Thursday too y'all

so today's creative space is defo different from the norm.....
for about 8 week's this has been in the making, now it is finished....

for the first time i have a ample back garden
the kid's now have more than enough space to play!!!

so this is where the wee hoose idea came form

from the min we started making it the boy's were very much intrigued!!!

i have loved this wee project, it's like my own wee hoose
i want a porch though maybe some more room's!!!

i had to have window boxes what wooded hoose has no window boxes!!!!

so the roof was slowly going getting put up i started with the staining
i had lost the paint brush so had to use one of the boy's!!!! to say it took forever is a understatement!!!!

so here we have it our lovely wee boy's hoose!!!!!
with flower's do you see then i shall blog about that in the next post as much fun was had!!!!

the roof is not quite done but that should be finished at the weekend
i have decided to go with no paneling at the front of the roof instead.....
please ignore the bad drawing but i want a big oval plaque with the boy's names and their hand prints on it.....

so lovely lovely reader's tell me what you think!??!!?!?!??!!?
and also i am calling to you for some inspiration... how do i fab this already (in my eye's) fab hoose up!!!!!

i don't want to ruin it

ps did i mention the unveiling will be on Thursday 12th august as that is my eldest 3rd birthday

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thanx kirsty

24 July 2010


so peep's
i have to share with you some of my bursting self indulgent pride.....

i little old me have been featured in not 1 but 2 blogs :)))))
i am so happy that people find me a good enough crafter to talk about on there blog!!!! also i have now been featured on a ravelry page.....

firstly too boo's featured Finn's blanket
which is coming along nicely
she has a lovely blog and is all about fabrics with a few tutorial's thrown into the mix...

secondly is finki featured my June challenge,
this lovely lady set's up a lovely wee challenge every month
which you can choose to join or not no pressure.....

this lovely piece of crochet was just featured on ravelry
the pic they have up is a little blurry but in my project's i have better pic's....

also this here is my very first attempt at lace crochet...
the pattern is from the lovely Francesca over at FuoriBorgo
this lady is a very talented photographer with a love of travel and a love of crochet....
with this link i will say no more NOW but watch this space!!!!


22 July 2010

my creative space 22.07.10

hey there peep's thanx for stopping by.....
so my knitting is going well i am half way up the back now :))))

but i have put this on hold....

as i wanted to finish just this min i might add!!!! this being the trim for my granny Mattie's shall/scarf this is one and i have one more to do!!!! i will be using light weight linen for the scarf piece

i have exciting new's too...... Adam aka my sewing machine has been mended and i can pick him up tomorrow or friday..... i can't wait :))))
he should be running like a dream.... ahh how the absence makes the heart grow fonder huh!!!!

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thanx for hosting kirsty

20 July 2010

my handmade christmas challenge, aka hmxc

so folk's have you seen this?!?!?!!?
Tracey over at knicky knacks has got the idea of..... super efficent xmasness!!!!
and i have to say
I LOVE IT!!!!!!

i have to say i am one of these people who is in fact maybe a bit too eager to get it all done by november..... but to say i dislike the busy busy stressed stressed peep's about town in December is the understatement of the year!!!! also i took the challenge of the utmost kind 2 month's in 2 day's ago (aka22.05.10)!!! so this work's for me on so many levels......

so in this week's installment is my pjathon!!!!! i plan to make lot's and lot's of matching pj's for the boy's...... i am however still waiting on my machine aka adam getting fixed so till then i will be marching on with my granny mattie's shall trim & finn's blanket

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drum roll please.......and the winner is!!!!

so peep's i had a wee giveaway to celebrate my 50'th follower & my 100th post!!! i have to say ........ it wasn't bursting at the seam's entry's wise!!!!!!

but my boy's had a ball choosing a winner from a shoe box...... then trying like dam it not not show me the winner!!!!

it turns out after lot of running and hiding from amme aka mummy
that the winner is



congratulations lovie i shall be sending you a email tonight!!!!

as for the other entry's thanx for taking part :))

and if anyone has any suggestions about what my next giveaway should be eg fabric wool ect please do leave a comment ......... as it turn's out lace making just ain't your thing..... and i would love for you guy's to join in


18 July 2010

rummaging galore

hey there folk's i missed last week so i have lot's to show and a couple of thing's i can't nudge nudge wink wink Kathy if your reading!!!!!

as ever i have book's @ 10p each!!! looking forward to making some yummy cup cake's

i found these 3 lovely picture's in a basket filled with other picture's and when i seen they were £2.69

these are for friend's Xmas pressies the necklace @ £1.50 and the wire box @ 50p which will be filled with goodies

theses are fab and are for the upstairs bathroom.... and all for £4.00 good huh!!!!

i got a wee thermal top new for the winter nights when they come!!! a pair of Thomas the tank curtain's for finn's room and a duvet cover.....

this is also a duvet cover never used.... both will be up-cycled in to pj's for Xmas!!

this was a no brainer for a friend of mines Xmas pressies @1.99 and never used either!!!

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14 July 2010

my creative space 14.07.2010

well hello there you lovely people!!!!!
another Wednesday night is upon me so here i have a wee bit of creativity to share with you.......

i am doing a this Wendy pattern that my local yarn shop gave me for free!!!! well i did buy the wool Wendy viva!!!!! i am so happy with it as i have not knitted in say.....15 years i have been using these video tutorials here ...... they have been more than helpful.....

so that's it this week....... i have lot's cut out for sewing but...... poor poor Adam aka my sewing machine is waiting on part's so hopefully next week i shall have some sewing goodness next week..... but until then i am glad that i have been able to pick up the knitting needles again

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7 July 2010

my wee creative space

hey there folk's so another Thursday is about to rear it's head so another creative space id here yeh!!!!!
so this week is all about crochet....... why you may ask?!?!?!!?!? my beloved machine decided no more i need a service.... I'm 3 years old i feel neglected !!!! and so he should!!!!

so Finn's blanket is coming along nicely..... i am looking forward to getting this one done so i can start on frazer's...... i will be using a attic 24 pattern......

and my lace well my lace is going ace i'm loving it.... it was meant to be for my granny's scarf for her birthday BUT!!!! her birthday is on the 9th not the 29th thats my little cousins birthday oh well for Christmas this shall have to be!!!!

i hope you all have much crafty goodness going on in your space need that little bit of inspiration?!?!!? head on over to kirsty's and see what's happening over there

as ever thanx for hosting kirsty looking forward to seeing what your up to .....
ps go you for your wee book being in whip up :)))))


6 July 2010

my ruby tuesday

ruby red huh!!!!!

my ruby red this week is all about this lovely building (guild hall of Derry of city) i love all the red brick work, this pic really does it no justice!! i wanted to take a pic with little people around so that you could also see the new paving and water feature......

it has been a bit of a mine field of work's for the last while but when you see it like this you have to be happy with the outcome huh!!!

Finn and Frazer love it!!!!!


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4 July 2010

rummaging fun

it's Sunday..... that means it's

i was clearing out my stuff and i found that a certain charity shop's are actually quite unappreciative of the public's giving... i don't know what i was expecting.... well really, a thank you that looked like i was actually meant... i suppose it's because i actually made the effort to gather up all the stuff and drop it in to them?!?!?!?!
well anyways, i decided not to take it back to the unnamed charity shop and try another.... and to be honest this charity shop was so lovely a stark contrast to the other, i think they need people to get the donation's in for as they have no driver......

anyways i had a wee wander, and came up trumps!! i got all of these great Disney hard back books for just £1.50... thats 10p per book!! so these book's have been put in my Xmas pile yes you heard me!!!! i have a Xmas pile... i was very organized last year and plan to be this year too
i do believe i managed to avoid the town for the whole of December last year!!

so what have you found in your rummages this week


my sunday citar

A moment lasts all of that second, but the memory lives on forever.
-- Author Unknown

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2 July 2010

our happy sunday

just a a bit of fore warning peep's this is a epic post!!!!!

so it was a warm day and i really wanted to get some stone's to paint for the back yard, we all got in the car and went for a wee drive....

to get to the beaches we needed to go over craigavon bridge this is where "JAMES" lives aka the foyle train museum
Finn adores this place, he is a avid Thomas the tank engine fan

and off he goes, who knew that a rusty rail track could be such endless fun we played train's here for quite some time i thinki must have looked like a crazy person to people going by!!!!
we then go back in the car and headed inch island

now my pic's do inch island no favors here but i have to say that is is on of my fav spot's in Northern Ireland.... it really s oh so beautiful and tranquil so small quaint!!!!

and this is frazer's first time this summer at a beach Finn was asleep so he had me all to himself!!! he defo enjoyed a good wander around too very much the investigator!!! although at 17 months i so wish he had a little more fear!!!!!

after some stone choosing!!!! we all got back in the car and went to inishowen beach, we went to the quite bit it's flatter really don't know why people don't come here but hey I'm not gonna knock it!!!! keep away!!!! lol

Finn had woke by this point and was so happy to have woke up at a beach..... with puddle's no less!!!

the view's at this beach are outstanding.... the rotten pier, the boat's the sand with the wood's behind it!!!! i really do find this oh so very picturesque..... a real photographer's gold mine!!!!!

i have a thing for photo's with my boy's holding my hand.... it just make's me smile and my belly flip!!!! thought i would share this one

now this is a first for both boy's to be oh so near the water.... can you see Finn with his protecting hand...... all i could hear Finn say was "careful fwee careful fwee" fwee is what finn call's Frazer..... soooo cute!!!

i took a wee nip in to the water i love the sand in my toes and it's the best exfoliater!!!

so as our lovely walk draws to a close, still no crab has been found much to my disappointment as mark had found a live one earlier...a very small one and put it in his shirt pocket for Finn too see... somehow it escaped!!!!
but alas a crab was found finn was so feckin excited made it worth the search!!!!

so off we went to the car and just as if we had planned it i was putting frazer into his car seat and the sky opened up on my back!!!! i was soaked..... well my bum was.... i am so happy we got to have our day.... someone was looking out for us that's for sure!!!

so after my day of happy boy's, happy family, stone collecting, photo taking, sunshine & rain!!!!! i even managed to squeeze in a coffee and some lovely crochet...... all i had to do is bribe the boy's with a pop!!!! and all this whilst sunday dinner was being cooked ..... yes i had a happy sunday and am oh so very thankfull for what i have which is family and health

i hope you all have fab thing's planed for your weekend.... i don't think i can top this one but if i come close i'm more than happy


another evening in the sun

so the sun graced my back yard again last night, i am loving that i now have such a big outdoor area for the boys they do love it!!!

so i sat down to my newly found crochet and got stuck in i have been away from my lovely lace for a wee while it seemed so much easier.... still fiddly but easier!!! this is going to be the trim for a linen scarf for my granny.... although i really really want to keep it for me!!!!

the boy's had a ball outside..... i do wish that they would keep away from the bloody pebble's though!!!! but boy's will be boy's!!!!
on that note ..... i have been going down to inch island and collecting big beach stones, do you see them behind Finn we plan to paint them.... an activity for a rainy day i feel!!

and this is the true pic of a fun sunny day for me....
a dying daisy chain tangled in my hair

i hope you all had a good evening