20 July 2010

my handmade christmas challenge, aka hmxc

so folk's have you seen this?!?!?!!?
Tracey over at knicky knacks has got the idea of..... super efficent xmasness!!!!
and i have to say
I LOVE IT!!!!!!

i have to say i am one of these people who is in fact maybe a bit too eager to get it all done by november..... but to say i dislike the busy busy stressed stressed peep's about town in December is the understatement of the year!!!! also i took the challenge of the utmost kind 2 month's in 2 day's ago (aka22.05.10)!!! so this work's for me on so many levels......

so in this week's installment is my pjathon!!!!! i plan to make lot's and lot's of matching pj's for the boy's...... i am however still waiting on my machine aka adam getting fixed so till then i will be marching on with my granny mattie's shall trim & finn's blanket

check out more xmas readying peep's here!!!!


1 comment:

  1. It's fun isn't it! I took the challenge of the utmost kind too, so it really works for me...and I feel sooo ORGANISED already!


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