2 July 2010

another evening in the sun

so the sun graced my back yard again last night, i am loving that i now have such a big outdoor area for the boys they do love it!!!

so i sat down to my newly found crochet and got stuck in i have been away from my lovely lace for a wee while it seemed so much easier.... still fiddly but easier!!! this is going to be the trim for a linen scarf for my granny.... although i really really want to keep it for me!!!!

the boy's had a ball outside..... i do wish that they would keep away from the bloody pebble's though!!!! but boy's will be boy's!!!!
on that note ..... i have been going down to inch island and collecting big beach stones, do you see them behind Finn we plan to paint them.... an activity for a rainy day i feel!!

and this is the true pic of a fun sunny day for me....
a dying daisy chain tangled in my hair

i hope you all had a good evening


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