18 July 2010

rummaging galore

hey there folk's i missed last week so i have lot's to show and a couple of thing's i can't nudge nudge wink wink Kathy if your reading!!!!!

as ever i have book's @ 10p each!!! looking forward to making some yummy cup cake's

i found these 3 lovely picture's in a basket filled with other picture's and when i seen they were £2.69

these are for friend's Xmas pressies the necklace @ £1.50 and the wire box @ 50p which will be filled with goodies

theses are fab and are for the upstairs bathroom.... and all for £4.00 good huh!!!!

i got a wee thermal top new for the winter nights when they come!!! a pair of Thomas the tank curtain's for finn's room and a duvet cover.....

this is also a duvet cover never used.... both will be up-cycled in to pj's for Xmas!!

this was a no brainer for a friend of mines Xmas pressies @1.99 and never used either!!!

check out the other regular's over here!!!!



  1. That looks like a really satisfying haul! and you sound increadibly organised...Christmas??? that's years off!!!

    I am almost ready to post.....


  2. i like to beat the Xmas rush and all my birthdays are between Aug-Feb can be expensive!!!! i have all your things ready i have to find nice wrapping stuff!!!! x

  3. Wow great haul, I have the same problem with birthdays all around the same time. I had a nice haul yesterday too the charity fairys must be smiling on us!
    Kandi x

  4. Ohhh all gorgeous treasures! Hope you have a wonderful week.xo


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