4 July 2010

rummaging fun

it's Sunday..... that means it's

i was clearing out my stuff and i found that a certain charity shop's are actually quite unappreciative of the public's giving... i don't know what i was expecting.... well really, a thank you that looked like i was actually meant... i suppose it's because i actually made the effort to gather up all the stuff and drop it in to them?!?!?!?!
well anyways, i decided not to take it back to the unnamed charity shop and try another.... and to be honest this charity shop was so lovely a stark contrast to the other, i think they need people to get the donation's in for as they have no driver......

anyways i had a wee wander, and came up trumps!! i got all of these great Disney hard back books for just £1.50... thats 10p per book!! so these book's have been put in my Xmas pile yes you heard me!!!! i have a Xmas pile... i was very organized last year and plan to be this year too
i do believe i managed to avoid the town for the whole of December last year!!

so what have you found in your rummages this week



  1. I have found the same problem with unappreciative charity shops, keeping you at arms length with their white cotton gloves on!
    Now I have found a "local" animal charity shop that is the total opposite, friendly and genuinely grateful. Their prices are great too so invariably I go home with more than I took!! xx

  2. i love that you already have a christmas stash. great finds, books are always a hit .
    great to have found another shop that appreciated your things, I guess some of the volunteers don't really like..volunteering and therefore no service with a smile.
    happy week to you

  3. well done on the books, i just bought an absolute tonne of little golden books... how great is it to be able to give new life to old books!!!

  4. What a deal you found. They are going to love them.
    Wow I'm impressed you are already getting ready for Christmas!!! I hope your organization rubs off on me I seem to be so unorganized these days.

  5. It is always disappointing when your efforts are unappreciated. I think it is a case of a few people spoiling it for everyone by off loading real junk to the shops - using tehm as a tip really. I know some of the larger charities have to pay huge amounts each year to dispose of the rubbish that is left by their doors and in their collection bins. Glad you had a happy ending - nice books - do you have a recipient in mind?

  6. I need to get a jump on Christmas shopping too. Great deal on the books!

  7. Great idea with the books and thanks for joining in on the Handmade Christmas Challenge. We've started off quietly but I think there will be a stampede closer to December and we can sit back and relax in the knowledge we've done all our shopping!


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