31 July 2010

it's ending tonight!!!!

hey there peep's
so i am about to share with you the trials and tribulation's i am having with regard's to my youngest son frazer..... to most people this may not seem like such a biggy but for me ...... i have to say that i am at the end of my tether.....

this lovely little menace is my wee Frazer..... he is 18month's old
and i am still breast feeding him and had planned to stop the feeding at 13month's

the same as his older brother Finn...

well folk's it turns out that Frazer is just so not up for that, every time i get near some kind of weaning, he catches a bug or teeth come through... otherwise just something comes up, i have decided that tonight is the night. i will be doing the controlled crying technique some may frown some may agree but for me i think i just have to get this done (and it seemed to work fine with Finn) and with there being 2 kid's i have to get it done asap as i want to try get back to some kind of normal pretty quick.... so this will be hard on Frazer but hard on everyone else too.....

i hope not to gurn to much over the next few day's..... and more realistically week's please do bear with me and if you fancy a leaving a happifying comment please do.... dare i say i feel that i may be in need of them !!!!!



  1. Oh dear, you know you are in for grief but if you have decided it's time stick with it! It does get easier as you know just keep that in mind. I will be thinking of you!
    Kandi x

  2. Oh that weaning is soooo hard....on both of you!! Good luck! I know it will be but a memory in a few weeks, but it does not make it any easier now.

  3. Good luck! Hang in there...

  4. Good luck to you both! Three nights of on-the-go evening activities helped me and my Wee One...we went to a movie in the park one night, went to an outdoor concert the next and the third was our trip to the amusement park. I just offered a sippy cup with soy milk or water and hugged him and he got so tired he just fell asleep--maybe being out of doors helped a little too.


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